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With the American army on the brink of defeat, the Soviets turn their attention to a joint operations base in Canada where the Pacific Front and the Euro Alliance still attempt to salvage and coordinate whatever remains of the American forces.
- Mission description

Idle Gossip is the seventh mission of Act One Soviet campaign.


After his mission to punish the Europeans for attempting to join the war, the Soviet General was pleased to see that the Soviet war in Europe is going well. He did not mind that many of his troops returned to Russia to support the European Front, as his liberation army is still strong. After the loss of their President, American forces have finally been broken as many of their military leaders and soldiers left for abroad while the Atlantic Fleet have decamped for Europe, though not a walkover. Although the state governors still have sizeable forces with them and the assistance of American militias resisting the Soviet occupation, the Soviet war in America is going well... elsewhere, however, is a completely different story.

The Soviets were pushed into Germany after an atrocious fight with several Pacific Front units ended up being stuck in Europe. Another mysterious matter is that China has landed in Japan with the General having no idea on what's going on, as they refused to explain. However, the Chinese are vital for the success of the European campaign as the combined Sino-Russian armies are about to reach Bohemia, which brings the General back to the America.

The American state of Nunavut apparently plays host for European and Pacific forces as there is an extremely powerful communications network in the area used to coordinate the American remnants. However, what the General knew from his American POWs says otherwise – the Yankees despise them both because the Europeans and the Pacific Front abandoned them when they desperately needs help. In fact, the General suspects that the Europeans and the Pacific Front might be using the base to "recover" American assets and secrets.

The General also have a reason to find out what is going on – the Soviet command are gravely concerned about this, as Moscow are the ones who gave him the info. They also knew that the General's troops are loyal to no one else but him as he scores repeated victories in his conquest. Of course, this has made many people scared and jealous, and the General knew that they will conspire to have him end up in the dreaded GULAG. He's already thought of an escape plan just in case he was betrayed by Moscow – if the General succeeded in this operation, he will earn respect from the Americans, so he just need to run there, and really become 'The Liberator'.



After arriving near to the EU base by a Stallion Transport whom was brainwashed to carry the espionage team in. They made their move to head to the enemy base, the EU base is heavily defended, with it's ships resting nearby and numerous patrols guarding the Radio Tower... Nevertheless the Saboteur successfully infiltrated it, giving coordinates of the position of the PF's Radio Tower.

Afterwards a brainwashed transport carried a MCV to the initial location to build a base, however by this time the allies are now alerted.

Stopping the "vultures"


The towers have been reduce to rubble, the vultures that call themselves America's "friends" are denied the carcass of our enemy. News of your victory has spread like wildfire. Today, the first free Americans have joined our army... Victory is nigh.
- Battlefield report

With the destruction of the Radio Towers, the European and Pacific Front, who pretends to be on the Americans' side while scouring their secrets behind their backs, can no longer feast on the Americans' carcass, preventing them from gaining any technological advantage. News on the General's actions in Nunavut quickly spreads and causes many Americans to become disheartened by the betrayal of their supposed allies, and willingly join the Soviet cause with the first of such "free" Americans joined the General's army.

However, the Europeans and Pacific Front have managed to recover the American Mercury Satellite by seizing its uplink on Hawaii. Of course, the General will not let them have such a deadly weapon and decides to destroy the uplink by himself.