The Industrial Plant is the Soviets' economy booster structure that increases the commander's production efficiency by making vehicles, aircraft and ships cheaper and faster to produce.


Advancements in robotics allow Soviet commanders to build Industrial Plants, buildings which provide high tech construction drones, allowing for a 25% increase in production speed and a 25% cost decrease for all vehicles, ships, and aircraft.

Though the initial investment in constructing a Plant is costly, the long term benefits of churning out much cheaper vehicles at an increased rate should be attractive to any Soviet commander.


The Industrial Plant grants the following support power:

Icon Support Power Description
Gear Change Provides emergency resources instantly in the form of $3000 to the Soviet commander, but all War Factories and the Industrial Plant itself will shut down for 60 seconds to undergo equipment maintenance. Activating this support power costs nothing but takes 7:30 to recharge.

Once the Industrial Plant is constructed, it reduces the price of any vehicles, tanks, ships and aerial unit by 25%. This allows the Soviet player to produce them at a cheaper price. Not only that, it also speeds up the production of these units by 25%, allowing the Soviet player to build them in large numbers faster than other factions.

Additionally, the Industrial Plant also provides the owner with a steady stream of cash much like an Oil Derrick. In the game mode Ultimate Alliance, it serves to unlock Soviet stolen tech units such as the Apocalypse Tank.


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