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- An Infiltrator "borrowing" useful tech
The Infiltrator is the espionage infantry of the Epsilon Army.


The Infiltrators are Epsilon's agents of espionage and intelligence gathering, slipping through enemy ranks, 'borrowing' important technology, stealing money, or sabotaging facilities. Much like their Allied and Soviet cousins, the Infiltrator can disguise himself as an enemy soldier in order to sneak into guarded buildings. What sets an Infiltrator apart from the rest, though, is their ability to covertly destroy bridges, allowing them to limit an enemy's movement on the battlefield.


Serving as the Epsilon main espionage, the Infiltrator's main purpose is to infiltrate enemy bases providing substantial benefits. Like other espionage units, they can disguise themselves to what infantry the proselyte needs in order to slip past enemy lines. However, Attack Dogs, rogue Spooks and other units that can see through the disguise and automatically hunt Infiltrators down, making them a threat that should not be ignored. Therefore the proselyte should use Drillers or the Shadow Ring support power in order to make such issues obsolete.

As with other espionage infantries, the Infiltrator can enter an enemy building but the effects will vary depending on the building:


  • Can disguise himself as an enemy infantry unit and infiltrate enemy buildings, giving an advantage over the enemy.
  • A successful infiltration into the enemy's tech lab can unlock stolen tech units, and potentially change the game's outcome.
  • With assistance of Driller APCs, Infiltrators can reach enemy bases safely and faster, bypassing enemy forces easily.
  • Can blow up a bridge if there is a Bridge Repair Hut beside.


The Infiltrator is voiced by SquareWhale.

When selected

  • We shall bring them chaos, my friend!
  • Need one behind the lines?
  • Let me share their secrets.
  • Shall we create an intelligence report?
  • What they know, we will know!
  • Let's work together!

When ordered to move

  • Sneaking in.
  • I can't be noticed.
  • Yes, of course!
  • A Driller might come in handy.
  • Unseen.

When ordered to disguise

  • They won't see this coming.
  • We need their assistance.
  • For you, I'm still the same. But for them...
  • They have no style...

When ordered to destroy a bridge

  • No trespassing.
  • Oops, there goes a bridge.
  • They will need to find another way...
  • I assume a pathfinder just went haywire.
  • This is an ex-bridge!

When ordered to infiltrate an enemy structure

  • I can't wait to see what I will find there...
  • Thank our new supporters.
  • They will make us stronger.
  • Sharing... is caring! (laughter)

When under fire

  • They see through my disguise!
  • Proselyte, aid me!
  • I'm revealed!


  • The ability of the Infiltrators to blow up bridges seems to be inspired from the unit's old cameo in version 2.0, where the Infiltrator is seen wielding a C4 charge. Yet ironically enough, the latter cannot actually destroy bridges.

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