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The Iron Curtain Device is the iconic Soviet superweapon used to make vehicles temporarily invulnerable.


The previous iteration of the Iron Curtain was a huge success for the Soviets and warranted an upgrade. Now capable of making up to nine vehicles impervious to damage, an increased shield duration and immunity to mind control, the Iron Curtain is a bigger threat than ever.


Once fully charged, the Iron Curtain Device can cover up to 9 vehicles in its area-of-effect by a black-tinted energy shield that renders them completely impervious to any damage and external interference (such as mind control and confusion rays) for a good 45 seconds.

While Invulnerability also works on structures, it does not work on infantry due to the sheer amount of energy it generates being too much for organic matter to bear. It is also unable to affect the M.A.D.M.A.N..




  • In versions 2.0x, the Iron Curtain Device used the design from Red Alert 2 alpha and beta phases.
  • In version 3.0 Invulnerability does not affect structures.
  • In version 3.3 Invulnerability no longer affect enemy units nor kill any infantry. The invulnerability can apply onto the structures in this version.

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