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Irritator, here to cause distress.
- An Irritator driver stating his purpose
The Irritator is a combat support vehicle used by Haihead to disrupt enemy formations, turning them against each other with its confusion rays, or marking enemies with illumination flares that makes them more vulnerable to attacks.


The Irritator is an odd addition to Haihead’s arsenal. This eight-wheeler is mounted with an experimental weapon that could turn enemies against each other. It was half-jokingly called the "confusion ray", but it lives up to its name: it confused the enemy as to who the real threat is, thus resulting in a friendly fire scenario where Haihead’s enemies are ‘confused’ to think their allies are actually their foes.

If this isn’t enough to irk an enemy commander as his troops turn against each other, the Irritator can be deployed to arm its illumination flare launcher that is capable of firing flares at long distances. Wherever the flare detonates, all enemy units close to the flare’s detonation will be revealed, making it easier for Foehn troops to target and eliminate them.

The Irritator was designed primarily as a support unit, and thus does not have weapons of its own to defend itself. Also, due to the weight of both the confusion ray and flare launcher, the Irritator must remain stationary in order to use either support weapon.



  • Can confuse groups of enemies, causing them to attack their own allies.
  • Can also debuff enemies, making them more vulnerable to attacks.
  • Long effective range.
  • Confusion weaponry is the single most effective battlefield effect in the game since only Hero and Epic unit are able to resist them (even drones are prone to malfunction and stop following orders).

  • Expensive support unit.
  • Cannot damage enemies.
  • Cannot target aircraft.
  • Very fragile.
  • Can ONLY be effective for an army of 2 unit or more, making unsupported Irritator become a slow chunk of meat to get slaughter by anything that travels alone (Terror Drone, Crazy Ivan, Brute, Guardian GI...)
  • Painfully slow ROF and relatively small confusion AOF.


The Irritator is voiced by Biiiyonder.

When selected

  • The twisted trickster truck.
  • An itch you can't scratch.
  • The neighborhood menace.
  • Irritator, here to cause distress.
  • Deceiving is believing.
  • (twisted laughing)

When ordered to move

  • Let's poke around in their business.
  • What's going on here?
  • A provocative order indeed.
  • Does my presence annoy them?
  • Disturbing the peace.

When ordered to attack with confusion ray

  • Feeling upset?
  • Confusion ray is a go!
  • It all comes stumbling down.
  • Divide and conquer.
  • Let's level things up a little.

When ordered to attack with illumination flare

  • Looks like their headache sped up.
  • There they are.
  • Let there be light.
  • Don't stare too long.
  • Shine on.


  • Irritator is a genus of spinosaurid dinosaurs that lived on the early Cretaceous era in what was now South America (specifically Brazil).
  • The Irritator replaces the Epsilon Deviator which is previously available in 3.0.

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