The leader has rendezvoused with the taskforce on standby in now Chinese-controlled Kazakhstan, which keeps track on the Ironwing, an experimental invulnerable hypersonic aircraft. This jet is the only way to quickly and safely get the leader to the location of the main Revolt army.
- Mission description

Operation: Kill the Messenger is the second mission of the Foehn Origins campaign.


-- While the leader has been evacuated out of Kashmir Home, getting her to the current location of Our main force is now the primary task. -- Increased amounts of hostile Chinese forces and growing PsiCorps activity within the region have made it difficult for Us to get the leader to safety by aquatic routes. -- Leader believes that time is of the absolute essence, and it won't be long before Yuri puts his master plan into action. -- His abilities and research related to absolute control of human mind have been determined to be dangerous; and most likely the cause of the war between the Allies and the Soviets of 1982, as well as abrupt dissolution of various alliances during it. -- It is highly probable that a Worldwide Mind Control is a scenario Yuri is aiming for. -- He has already displayed capacity of using such tech with varying area of effect.

-- If We are to fight Yuri and his Epsilon army, the Great Revolt needs to continue developing powerful weapons and acquire collaborators in the coming future. -- To start with, We will be hijacking a prototype KI-based jet, the Ironwing, currently held in a Chinese-controlled airbase in Kazakhstan. -- This jet will be used to carry the leader away from the enemy's grasp, and return her to the main army. -- Our numbers in the area are not many, as such We will have to take over a local Chinese outpost if We are to obtain the Ironwing. -- As this is strictly a recovery mission, We should try to spare as many Chinese forces as we can. -- Our goal is not to kill, but to do what needs to be done. -- Any number of Epsilon casualties are within acceptable numbers._

Objective 1 & 2: Destroy the Iron Curtain Device & capture the Airbase.
Objective 3 & 4: Clear the airstrip area & get Yunru on the Ironwing.


Securing a foothold

The Revolt led a special task force and raided a Chinese outpost with a barrel and Demolition Trucks to the west. After the outpost was destroyed, a Jackal Racer arrived and sent a Huntress to hijacked an MCV here, and she expand it into Construction Yard.

After the incident, VOLKNET analyzed that if they wanted to take Ironwing off for Yunru, it would have to take control of its Airbase and obtain the control code. In addition, he also received news that Epsilon's chasing troops are still chasing Yunru. From this, VOLKNET realized that he must respond quickly.

Just before VOLKNET pointed out that it was necessary to destroy the Iron Curtain Device, which shielded the defense structures around Ironwing, and received news that the PsiCorps invasion forces had landed in the southeast. Their actions were so quick that the Revolt saw the red light enveloped them in less than a minute - fortunately it was the Chinese enemy controlled by a Psychic Beacon, not themselves. Interestingly, VOLKNET has assessed that this beacon cannot be destroyed because then they'll only concentrate on dealing with one enemy (If it is destroyed, Chinese troops will call massive reinforcements to attack the Revolt from behind).

In addition, there seemed to be rumors that the Russians had arrived here, but they seemed to have brought only a Stalin's Fist and parked on the northwest side.

The gauntlet

VOLKNET was informed of the lack of resources along the base and positioned Tech Oil Derricks in the southwest and northwest. At the same time, he also discovered that PsiCorps built a Psychic Dominator and Tactical Nuke Silo, so he decided to unlock his Nuke Silo.

In the next defensive battle, the endless supply of paratroopers and repeated nuclear strikes by the enemy forces kept VOLKNET in a passive position, and he was not able to see the countdown of the dominator. He therefore decided to slowly build up guerrilla taskforces and continue to capture more Chinese bases eastward. In this way, his own losses would be reduced, and it would be easier to enter the northeast. After a long time, the Revolt was deployed to the front of the Ironwing base. VOLKNET then fired his nuclear missile directly at the Iron Curtain Device.

In the previous defensive battle, VOLKNET did not forget to use Wallbuster to slowly disintegrate the Chinese base's defenses, which made the task of capturing Airbase much easier.

"Get to the Ironwing!"

The proselyte of PsiCorps was still exerting pressure on the Revolt's main base, and the Foehn forces had already made a road on the north side. Shortly after Airbase was captured, Yunru took an elite Jackal Racer and four Nuwa Cannons to the main base and headed to Ironwing's location. The Jackal Racer escorted Yunru directly to Ironwing and saw her boarding it. As Ironwing wass gone, the Revolt finally victory.


With Kanegawa Industries' Ironwing hypersonic jet in the hands of the Revolt, Yunru can quickly and safely reach the location of the main army and resume her work. Yuri's worldwide mind control is inevitable, preparations must be made to counter it.
- Situation assessment

Yunru finally found a way to transfer directly from the hinterland of Asia to the east coast, and also created the conditions for the major power with far away Alaska. However, due to the fact that the existing Foehn forces were few and weak, she decided to go to Japan and rescue their allies - the Kanegawa Industries. Since the Revolt became active, the Chinese occupying forces in Japan would never sit by and ignore these "traitor's allies". At the same time, she can also recycle some of the unused technology from the research facilities of these allies. If in better circumstances, she can also persuade the remaining Pacific Front troops in Japan to join them.

Difficulty changes

  • On Easy difficulty, the PsiCorps enemy will not build either Psychic Dominstor or Tactical Nuke Silo, but player won't gain access to the Nuke Silo as well.




  • The mission's name is another term for shooting the messenger, a metaphoric phrase used to describe the act of blaming someone who bears a bad news for the said information.
  • There's a McBurger Kong to the southwest of the Psicorps base which overlaps with a Dumpster. Destroying either will crash the game immediately.