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The leader of the Scorpion Cell has been captured by the Soviets shortly after the Cell's first operational MCV was delivered to Yuri. A rescue operation has been started to free him from the now Latin Confederation occupied Guantanamo Bay.
- Mission description

Killing Fields is the ninth mission of the Act One Epsilon campaign. The first Initiates make their appearance in this mission as they are tasked with freeing Rashidi, leader of the Scorpion Cell, from the supermax prison of Guantanamo Bay.


Just as the Proselyte successfully captured a Psychic Beacon in Xizang, China in order to worsen the Sino-Russian relationship, he received a terrible news – Rashidi has been captured by the Soviets' African Expeditionary Force and the Allies, who turned out to take their discovery of a mysterious, new MCV design seriously, and, after following the trail, successfully lure Rashidi into a trap. He was subsequently taken into the famous Guantanamo Bay, a large prison complex in Cuba operated by the Latin Confederation.

Both the Allies and the Soviets are sharing their knowledge about Rashidi's involvement with the development of the mysterious MCV. However, as Rashidi's Scorpion Cell militants are blending in with the ROC insurgents during the Xizang operation – one of them even uses a Mantis Tank in combat, the two blocs will surely realize what is going on. Fortunately, the Psychic Beacon's effect managed to cover this, but should the control is lifted, the Chinese soldiers will slowly remember what happened, and their testimonies will surely point out into Rashidi. Despite Yuri's efforts to cover up the PsiCorps' tracks, they do not have much room to act and time – should the Chinese or the Russians knew, Rashidi will surely be extracted to either country, and it would be a suicide to break into the dreaded GULAGs.

The good thing is Guantanamo would be an ideal place for Rashidi to remain during his confinement, because despite the Confederation's strong grip over the area, the American resistance fighters are skulking around the complex's perimeter. However the bad thing is that they will open fire on unidentified personnel, including the PsiCorps. Still, many political prisoners and POWs are held in the prison, which may be able to help.

The Proselyte knew that their only chance is to mount a prison break attempt to the Guantanamo Bay. However, he had to act quickly, as there is little time – Volkov and Chitzkoi are already on their way to support the Russians' attempt to destroy the Heizhaozhen Psychic Beacon!



Words cannot express how thankful I am you rescued me from that place. For a while I thought that Yuri wanted me disposed now that he almost has his MCV. I am relieved I was mistaken.
- Rashidi on the mission's success

While en route to safety, Rashidi contacts the Proselyte, thanking him for his daring rescue effort, saying that words cannot express his gratitude. Rashidi initially thought that Yuri had abandoned him after he receives what he wants, but the Proselyte's timely arrival made him relieved that he was mistaken.

Rashidi's escape, unfortunately, fuels the Soviets' suspicion on Yuri as the one behind the various problematic events in the recent times even further. Knowing this, Yuri tries to risk on a plan that could restore Kremlin's trust on him, if it works out well...