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The Allies have stormed one of Scorpion Cell's underground bunkers and seized the prototype MCV the terrorists were developing for PsiCorps. Now the stolen MCV must be destroyed before the Allies realize what they have captured and who's the real enemy.
- Mission description

Landlocked is the sixth mission in the Act One Epsilon campaign.


Things have been messy for the Proselyte in the recent weeks, only to made worse by one dire emergency situation. After a lot of work, Rashidi managed to successfully reverse-engineer the Stalin's Fist prototype given by Yuri enough for him to create a working War Factory design, and eventually allowed him to finalize the MCV design, which was on its final prototype stage. The bad news is that in the middle of the Scorpion Cell's insurgency against the desperate Allied forces in Africa, a crack team managed to steal the prototype MCV and even managed to unpack it into a Construction Yard, which drives the Allies' curiosity and tries to study it! This will surely set everything the PsiCorps and the Cell has been working on back months away, and what worse, the MCV/Construction Yard's design and notes contain enough information that, if noticed, could link Yuri to the Cell and reveals his false-flag operations to the Allies.

It did not help the PsiCorps that the Soviets are also chasing Rashidi and prepares to strike his base. They are not yet aware of the mysterious building's function, but according to intercepted messages, their commander gave an order to capture and study it too – if this happens, the Soviets will realize that its design traces from the Stalin's Fist, and this will surely confirmed their suspicion of Yuri having stolen a Stalin's Fist prototype earlier. The good news is that Yuri is doing the best he can to distract the commander of the Soviet side of the operation from this by completing tasks being assigned to the PsiCorps.

Thus, the Proselyte races against time to either capture or destroy the prototype Construction Yard. He cannot let either the Allies or the Soviets learn what is really going on, and order his men to ensure that the evidence disappears, one way or another.


Breaking through

Making the evidence vanish


Thanks to your well-placed strike, the Allies were not able to discover much about my MCV. Luckily, I still have the blueprints and everything else I need to finish my work without interruption. Yuri seems to regard you highly. I can see why.
- Rashidi on the mission's success

The Proselyte was relieved to see that his swift and focused efforts to ensure that the prototype MCV disappearance managed to prevent the Allies from learning anything about it further, other than its unsalvageable and unrecoverable wreck.

Rashidi contacted the Proselyte to thank him for his help, and the Proselyte asks whether losing the prototype MCV would set his efforts back, but Rashidi assures the Proselyte that he already has the MCV's blueprints, so he can resume working on it when everything is safe. Rashidi also told the Proselyte that he can see why Yuri regards him highly, something that he appreciates so much.

Back in the Kremlin, things have escalated to a worse one that forces Yuri to accelerate the motion of his plans. He later send the Proselyte to Japan to acquire KI technology under the guise of a Chinese attack.