The Last Bastion is one of three subfactions of the Foehn Revolt.

The Last Bastion was formed in the aftermath of the Mental Omega War.




No additional information about the Last Bastion except knowing the precursors they might have already stayed in Alaska during the Mental Omega War.

Prototypes of the Gharial and Mastodon have already existed during the Mental Omega War, evidenced by reports from Epsilon and Soviet forces alike as they battled Chinese forces in Kashmir.


Last Bastion uses heavy tanks and nanofibers to keep its walls intact.
- Last Bastion loading screen

The Last Bastion's tactics revolve around the "moving wall" concept, emphasized with their use of slow moving yet powerful (and costly) combat units. Used in tandem, Last Bastion formations literally make up a "moving wall" that is effective at organizing a strong defense while slowly building up an offensive push as the enemy is driven back.

An ideal Last Bastion phalanx makes the most of their unique units: Bison Tanks can take on whatever that may try to tear down the armored phalanx, while Mastodons soften up enemy resistance with their powerful from afar as they inexorably advance towards the enemy. Supporting them from behind the wall would be a mixture of Giantsbanes to strike at stray ground targets and protect the wall from aerial threats; Sweepers that set up a defensive perimeter to cover their flanks, hitting any hostile ground unit with a flurry of Golden Rockets; and Gharials that can safely transport Foehn infantry before setting them down to join the fray. Meanwhile, floating well above the wall is Uragan, raining fiery death with impunity at anything that dares to stop the Last Bastion's offensive.

Last Bastion commanders also have numerous defensive options at their disposal. The moving wall is complemented by nanomachines within the hulls of Bisons and Mastodons allow for quick field repairs whenever the wall comes to a stop; the activation of Nanocharge allows Mastodons to repair friendly vehicles around them, further improving their overall survivability. Meanwhile, devastating M.A.D. Mines placed strategically can make short work of armored units that stray too close to a Last Bastion base, while anything that survives the mine field is surely to be obliterated by the Plasmerizer, a massive defensive turret that can savage any enemy that enters its firing range. Meanwhile, the Boidmachine provides obscenely long ranged barrages to batter down enemy forces and bases without warning. All this combined make for a brutal siege that will no doubt ruin any commander's day.

Like the other Foehn subfactions, though, Last Bastion units come with a hefty price tag in order to afford the firepower they can unleash. Though superbly well armored, many of their premier units are slow, and can easily be kited by faster moving units that can avoid the range of their weapons, or by aerial units that can strike Last Bastion forces easily, especially if not protected by dedicated anti-air units.






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