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The Leviathan is the Foehn navy's capital ship. It carries two drones that bombards enemies from afar with plasma cannons.

Unlike any other capital ships, the Leviathan can move faster when supported with Spinblades and releases nanoids to repair itself when damaged. It can also make use of Last Bastion's Nanocharge to improve its self-repair capability and also repair nearby ships.


The Leviathan, a majestic seaborne drone launch platform, is the capital ship class of the Foehn navy. Combining the best features of the Allied Aircraft Carrier and the Soviet Dreadnought, this massive vessel houses two large drones below its deck which, upon release, fires away a host of destructive plasma bombs at its intended target before retreating to the Leviathan to reload and repair. While the drones have limited operational range and are easily shot down by anti-aircraft weapons, the drones’ plasma bombs can quickly obliterate anything it impacts.

Not only do the Leviathans boasts such incredible firepower. With what is definitely the largest windspin engine ever built, a Leviathan can also gain a temporary burst of speed from nearby Spinblades, allowing it to reach farther destinations much faster than other capital ships. Leviathans also contain nanomachines of their own, similar to that of the Mastodon, which will repair the ship should it sustain serious damage. Like the Mastodon, Nanocharge also allows the Leviathan to repair friendly naval units around it as well.



  • Strong siege weapon with incredibly long attack range.
  • Leviathan drones are free and can be constantly replaced with new ones.
  • Drones are more durable than the Hornet UAVs of Aircraft Carrier.
  • Unlike the Dreadnought, it can use its drones to strike targets at close range.
  • Can flatten entire bases without relying too much on escort protection.
  • Incredibly durable.
  • Automatically repairs itself.
  • Activates Nanite-assisted repairs when at critical health.
  • Repairs are much more effective when immobile.
  • Extremely difficult to kill when stationary due to its rapid self-repair.
  • Nanocharge allows the Leviathan to repair nearby ships.
  • Can receive speed boost from Spinblades.
  • Very effective against vehicles and ships.

  • Vulnerable to anti-armor units and submarines.
  • Helpless against aircraft.
  • Drones are weak against AA weapons.
  • Very expensive ($2800).
  • Slow-moving, especially without speed boost.
  • Drones have to reload after firing 3 shots.
  • Plasma projectiles are slow and ineffective against fast-moving units.


The Leviathan uses the voiceset of the unit with the same name in Tiberian Twilight.

When selected

  • Battle station reporting.
  • Leviathan on departure.
  • Channel's all yours, command.
  • We'll do everything in our power.
  • Commander, what news?

When ordered to move

  • New heading's now in.
  • Leviathan moving in.
  • Fixing location.
  • Getting into position.
  • Navigation, let's go.

When ordered to attack

  • That's the one, take it out!
  • Put them down for good!
  • All weapons, fire!
  • All crew, prepare for assault!
  • New target, locked!
  • Just focus on that one.
  • Alright this is it.
  • Launch everything!


  • Leviathan is a a huge fish referenced in the Bible that eventually become synonymous with large sea monsters or creatures.

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