The PsiCorps proselyte who commands Libra can opt to requisition her genetically identical, but inferior clones as soon as his Pandora Hub is upgraded with the Psychplug add-on. These Libra Clones are deployed via airdrop by a Dybbuk-Transport anywhere on the battlefield.

The clones do look exactly like the prime Libra but are weaker, being less powerful and durable, and cannot use the prime's signature gravity field. As such, the clones are only useful as a diversion for the prime Libra or as a bait to her enemies.

It is also worth noting that the Libra Clones are the only ones who can tolerate the prime Libra's borderline psychopathic personality. In fact, the clones are almost always seen accompanying the prime Libra wherever she goes.


As with the prime Libra, the clones are voiced by ATheatricalSongBird.

When selected

  • Epsilon we serve.
  • In Yuri we trust.
  • We'll die if we must.
  • As long as we're useful.
  • Peas in a pod.
  • Sisters.

When ordered to move

  • As Yuri dictates.
  • We move.
  • Commencing distraction.
  • We are underway.
  • In full view.
  • Can they see us now?

When ordered to attack

  • These are real, right?
  • Attacking.
  • Enough skill to use them.
  • Just like her.
  • We will not be ignored.
  • Battle mode.

When ordered to deploy (unused)

  • Our dance is almost perfect.
  • Good enough to fool them.
  • Perhaps they will flee?
  • It's about the presentation.

When under fire (unused)

  • There will always be more.
  • We cannot be killed.
  • We will return.


  • A Libra Clone is referenced at the battlefield report of Exist to Exit, where she is locked in a capsule that is later destroyed by a nuclear explosion.
  • Unlike the personality of the prime Libra, the Libra Clones lack any obvious signs of psychopathy; instead it is overlapped with an eerie emotionless aura. Their quotes also indicate that their loyalty to the Epsilon (specifically PsiCorps) is unquestionable and will gladly lay down their lives for their superiors to succeed. More importantly, they are well aware of their true nature as clones and mere distractions but seem unfazed by this fact.

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