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The Allies have three major facilities the Soviets intend to strike. The first is a research complex where the next generation of advanced Gap Generators are being produced.
- Mission description

Lights Out is the sixth Soviet cooperative campaign mission. It is part of a 3 coordinate Soviet attacks in attempt to destroy the Allies' Research Labs.


According to the intel the Soviets managed to scavenge from the Allied communication junction on Devon Islands, their priorities that time were to protect three important research facilities where new experimental weapons capable of turning the tide against the Soviets are being developed. Those research labs under the SteinsTech company name were located in Norway's Rosendal, north Sweden and the Black Forest in Germany. The Soviets did not yet know the matter of research in the last one, so before their spies gathered some useful information, they targeted Rosendal.

Rosendal facility seemed to be shrouded with the Allied Gap Generators, however, these prototypes appeared to cover a much wider area than the ones the Soviets were seen so far. Soviets suspected there were some additional communication scrambling technologies developed at the position. Two Confederation commanders chose to be careful not to lose their troops in the darkness.


Difficult progress in the dark

Take the SteinsTech Tower down


After the mission of Rosendal was completed, the Soviet troops immediately decided to perform the next mission: destroying the Super Thor complex in northern Sweden. Unlike this time, this action would be taken by Russians. And they also managed to send their gods of war...