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After defying him in Singapore, the Chinese have now dared lay hand on Yuri's most precious Creation, and lured PsiCorps forces into a trap deep in the lands of Kashmir. Yuri sends his new weapon to destroy the Chinese war machine and make sure they treaten his plans no more.
- Mission description

Machinehead is the eighth Epsilon Act Two campaign mission.


With the Epsilon's trump card on his hand, Yuri now has a chance to deal with the persistent China once and for all. Yuri, however, notes to the Proselyte that the Chinese army is vast and their technology is also formidable, and initially thinks that they want to focus on completing what they have failed two years ago, but their attack on Totoya Island must be avenged and refusal to give up their lands forces him to deploy more troops.

Days ago, Rahn in the Philippines discovered that the Chinese have a research facility in the Kashmir under the supervision of the young genius Yunru, which develops technologies obtained from Kanegawa Industries during the Chinese invasion to Japan that may win in favor to the Chinese. Unwilling to allow such weapon to be deployed, Yuri sent two task forces against the well-fortified Chinese research facility to ensure its destruction along with taking Yunru out of the game. However, for some reason, another Russo-Latino force under the Comrade Commander appeared behind them, "pretending" to be part of the initial force while at the same time distracting Yuri's forces from fulfilling their objective.

But in the end this turned out to be a trap; Yunru used a MIDAS warhead as a "fail-deadly" measure after the Soviet General's forces take over the facility, wiping out both Epsilon taskforces and the General's Russo-Latino forces. While the Soviet General left the scene believing that nothing had survived the MIDAS' detonation, the Epsilon moves on as they found out, thanks to their psychic technology, that Yunru had faked her death and used advanced hacking technology and seismic manipulation to prevent her enemies from tracking her latest creation: an automated siege machine. It, along with everything else that Yunru has created, would jeopardize the Epsilon's conquest.

Although the Proselyte still wonders why Yunru went that far to destroy her research facility and just how the Chinese managed to obtain a MIDAS, Yuri sent him to Kashmir to ensure that the Centurion and Yunru is no more.


Initial assault

Yunru's games

Hi! So, the Soviet General is out of this game, I think it's time you were too. I should've known it'd take more than a big bang to take care of your mind readers.
- Yunru taunting the Proselyte

Pulling the plug

Securing the airbase

Search and destroy

Beauty and the Beast

Psychotic psychic

Libra KO

The results of Yunru's tampering of Libra's CAS

After the Centurion was destroyed, Yunru was spotted heading to another tunnel entrance not far from the Chinese base. The Proselyte quickly sent Libra to intercept her, killing a Heavy Trooper and two Conscripts in the process, but just as Libra gets close to Yunru, the latter used her Immobilizer to tamper with the former's Cerebral Amplifier/Suppressor, causing Libra to go berserk and releases a storm of unstable psychic energy as Yunru escapes in a Halftrack and flees into the tunnels, all while three Heavy Troopers move in to capture her.


This did not go as well as I expected. The Centurion Siege Crawler was destroyed, yes, but Yunru managed to incapacitate Libra and escape into the tunnels again. We will have to send more forces to Kashmir to keep chasing one and retrieve the other...
- Yuri's message

Although the Proselyte managed to destroy the Centurion, it was a hollow victory as not only Yunru managed to elude him, but she also managed to made Libra berserk. Disappointed by this outcome, Yuri choose to deploy more troops to keep pursuing the young genius as well as pacifying Libra.

Not long after, the Epsilon went into more trouble after Yuri realized that Rashidi and his Scorpion Cell are betraying them. Yuri sends the Proselyte and Libra to punish Rashidi and the Cell for their treachery.