The Megaarena Projector is a Haihead support structure deployed from their Cyberkernel once its expansion are added.

Designed to support Megalodon combat walkers by improving their battle potency and survivability, the Megaarena Projector casts a powerful reactive energy shield around friendly Megalodons as long as they remains in the Megaarena's area of influence and the projector itself is not destroyed.

The energy shield generated by the Megaarena Projector is too strong to bear by organic materials, to the point that any infantry that tries to come in contact with shielded Megalodons will be instantly vaporized. However, for unknown reasons, heroes are the only ones who can withstand the powerful force from the shield without sustaining critical injuries. The shield also renders the Megalodons highly resistant to anything their enemies can throw at them, and grants them a small bonus to their movement speed.

All these benefits make the Megaarena a powerful device to be deployed in the heat of a battle, as it can make Haihead's Megalodons an unstoppable force. Haihead commanders must be sure to protect the Megaarena Projector from enemies who try to destroy it to deny such advantages for the Megalodons.


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