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The Mental Omega War was a global war that lasted for most of 1984, beginning when the head of the Soviet UnionRussia was surprised by the re-emergence of PsiCorps, now known as the Epsilon Army.


The later and closing stages of the Third World War shows several failures and successes on the Allies and the Soviets, including a few unexpected events.

After conquering much of Europe following the destruction of Black Forest, the Soviet intends to complete their conquest through a major naval invasion of Britain, but failed due to the determination of the Allied defenders. This brought some time for the Allies to recover their strength.

Meanwhile, things didn't go smoothly on the Soviet side. An incident involving a Psychic Beacon in Heizhaozhen, China, forces the Russians to destroy it by themselves to save their Chinese allies from mind control. However this event would start to damage the Sino-Russian alliance. A Russian general heads to Japan to uncover the truth behind the Chinese actions, only to be surprised when he realized that China has made a pact with the Pacific Front. This event marks the end of the Sino-Russian alliance as the former invades Russia to install themselves as the leader of the Soviet Union. The invasion was initially successful, even the Chinese managed to destroy Russia's last two MIDAS ICBMs, but in the end they were beaten back in a vicious battle on Primorsky Krai.

The failure of the invasion forces the Chinese to fall back to their lands, giving the Russians enough time to recover. However this event soured the alliance between China and the Pacific Front, which would be later broken when conflict erupts in the Korean DMZ. Unknown reports say that the Russians are constructing more MIDAS ICBMs, and while the reports are clearly not true, the Russians decide to take it seriously, allowing them to at least keep the world in check. Later, an unexpected event happened: the PsiCorps sacked the Leninisk Cosmodrome and stole the Russian rocket technology for unknown purposes. This event eventually made Russia realized that the PsiCorps' leader, Yuri, is behind the recent events. Yuri himself later declared the foundation of the Epsilon Army, a force with all but one goal: to command and conquer mankind's future.

The story forwards to two years later, in 1984. At this time, the Soviets were able to ensure that their power remains supreme by fooling the world to believe that they still have MIDAS ICBMs in their possession. In the same time, the United States, now renamed to the Soviet States of America, or the S.S.A., is at peace after attacks from American militias had dwindled in number. Everything seems to be in a good order...

However, Yuri believed that this is the best time for the Epsilon Army to announce their existence to the world by the hard way. He thus planned two events to set into motion: an attack on the Soviet victory parade in Moscow and a hostile takeover of Washington D.C., now renamed to Stalington.

Soon enough, both the Allies and the Soviets would feel the wrath of the Epsilon...

Epsilon Rising

Fall of Moscow

The Mental Omega War would begin with the Epsilon conquest of Russia's capital, Moscow, on the second anniversary of their victory over the Allied Nations. Over the last two years, Epsilon weapons R&D had progressed considerably resulting in the creation of the Shadow Tanks, a cloaked attack vehicle armed with twin Dissolver beams. The perfect weapon with which Yuri's Proselyte can infiltrate Moscow's power grid and shut it down by simultaneously destroying all five of the city's Nuclear Power Plants.

MO3 Conqueror Ambush

The Proselyte would skillfully navigate the Shadow Tank company into their positions. When the command came, Moscow was plunged into darkness, signalling the arrival of Epsilon's main attack force using Driller APCs to transport squads of troops across the city.

While the Scorpion Cell forces in the engagement would serve to distract the Soviets, the Proselyte focused his attention on gaining control over the 8 Topol-M platforms before they could flee the field of engagement by using his Epsilon Adepts to persuade the platforms' drivers to take them to where they were needed to be, rather than the predetermined Soviet extraction points.

As soon as all 8 platforms were in Epsilon's possession, Yuri gave the Proselyte a new order: Assassinate Premier Romanov and secure the perimeter around the Kremlin. Romanov's personal elite guard would prove no match for the Epsilon assassination squad (who had used Driller APCs to bypass the heavily defended perimeter) and Romanov was gunned down unceremoniously by an unidentified Epsilon soldier.

Yuri followed up this display of power by deploying a Psychic Beacon in the grounds of the Kremlin, bringing the remaining Soviet forces in the city under Epsilon's control, Yuri himself arrived on the scene and invited the Proselyte into his new office in the Kremlin to celebrate their victory.

Defense of Stalington/Second Battle of Washington

Krukov informed the General that a communications post went offline several hours ago. With no signal, they could not contact any other Soviet base in the S.S.A.

Krukov asked if they could investigate the area (since he was of lower rank) and find out what was going on? The General agreed to this and moved his taskforce, which was near the Pentagon, over to the communications post.

One of the bridges leading to the communications post was blown up. The General re-established contact with one of the forward bases just on the other side of the river. As a result, an Engineer was called in to fix the bridge so the task force could start moving again.

As they crossed the bridge, they re-established contact with the main base near the White House. Reznov contacted the General and gave him his thanks, saying that he was glad to see him again. He informs him that he had sent several scouts earlier to find out what happened to the communications outpost but they never reported back. Reznov told the General to be on guard as he suspected something was up.

As the General sent his task force over another bridge, he confirmed Reznov's suspicions: The US rebels had managed to take the communications outpost, cutting the Stalington garrison off from other Soviet forces in the S.S.A.

As if things couldn't get worse for the General, they soon got warning that an attack was commencing immediately. Their previous intel had been falsified on purpose to lull them into a false sense of security.

Reznov and Krukov informed the General that the White House and Pentagon were their main army's HQ in Stalington. If they ever fell, things would be dire for the garrison.

As the General started to build up his forces, he was informed that the US rebels had set up a forward base not too far from the White House. He would need to move quickly or they would be overrun. Good news arrived in the form of the Iron Curtain, which the General would use to help support his forces.

More bad news arrived to the General: The US rebels had managed to get their Shipyards into the river. He would have to watch the waters as well as the land in order to avoid being surprised by attacks from Aircraft Carriers.

The General was then informed that their communications to the nearby naval base had been destroyed. As a result, only several Typhoon Submarines and Seawolf Air/Assault Vessels made it to the battlefield in order to assist. He was then advised to build more Naval Shipyards in the Potomac river in order to assault the rebels' naval base.

The fight was hard but the General managed to knock out the enemy shipyards, crippling their naval abilities. He couldn't quite rest yet as he had just a few more minutes until the reinforcements arrived. While the attacks from the rebels was strong, it wasn't enough.

The defense against the American remnants was proven to be successful. No enemy forces managed to breach through their lines and recapture the Pentagon or the White House. However, something wasn't right. As soon as the reinforcements showed up, the General saw a Raven flying over his outpost as he heard a voice inside of his head. Suddenly, he went unconscious after seeing vivid images of Yuri in his mind. At the same time, Epsilon activated a damaged Psychic Beacon in the city, converting most of the Allied and Soviet forces to Yuri's will. Krukov and Reznov tried to contact the General, but couldn't get a response. Fearing the worst, the two colonels began to enact a rescue plan.

Warsaw prison break

The Allies wondered if there was ever gonna be a breakthrough in the tough Soviet armor that they were facing, now that they were stuck on the British Isles. 4 days later, on the 5th of September 1984, everything changed. They began to receive word that a major disturbance had occurred within the Soviet Dominion. As a result of this disturbance, the Soviet chain of command was thrown into chaos.


The Allies saw this situation as a great opportunity for them to retrieve Special Agent Tanya from a Soviet prison in the city-turned-fortress Warsaw. Siegfried fitted himself with his brand new "chrono backpack" and set himself off to Warsaw to rescue Tanya before the Soviets began to realise the situation. The Allied Commander would take part in the operation.

As soon as Siegfried entered the holding area where Tanya was, two Conscripts tried to stop him. Siegfried turned the tables on the soldiers and phased them out of existence. After the soldiers were erased from history, he gave Tanya a new laser rifle. However, the Chronoshift that Siegfried used to get to the prison caused the rifle to discharge its energy, forcing the two to find a new power source.

Allied Intel suggested that there was a Soviet outpost containing Tesla Power Plants near the Polish Sejm building. Should the two of them raid that outpost, they would be able to find a crate carrying a power source to recharge the laser rifle and some C4 explosives for Tanya. Not having many other choices, the Commander ordered the two out of the camp and to head for the outpost, clearing any obstacles and hostiles in their way.

After fighting their way past alot of guards and patrols, Tanya & Siegfried made it to the Soviet outpost. Siegfried cleared the area of enemies and the Commander gave Tanya the order to move in and grab a crate containing the need equipment. Now that Tanya was re-equipped and ready to fight, the Commander ordered them to get to an Allied Transport so they could chronoshift out of Warsaw, since Allied Intel suggested that their stealth status won't last forever.

Just as Tanya and Siegfried began to move, the Soviets caught on to what they were doing and raised alarms. Enemy reinforcements were inbound to their location, forcing the two of them to make a dash for the river. Intel soon picked up that Wolfhounds were arriving to Warsaw in a few minutes, making the situation even more critical!

After fighting through another Soviet outpost, Tanya and Siegfried made it to the Warsaw Mermaid. The escape route to the transport was on the other side of the mermaid but it was blocked by barricades. The Commander ordered Tanya to make short work of the barricades with her C4 while Siegfried would erase all enemies nearby, covering her retreat.

The escape was rough but Tanya and Siegfried made it to the Archon AMC transport. Tanya entered the vehicle and was chronoshifted out of Warsaw. Siegfried would use his portable backpack to make a return trip back to the British Isles.

Operation "Huehuecoyotl"

With Alexander Romanov dead, Epsilon watched as their Psychic Beacon activated in Moscow, turning the population into mindless drones. Yuri was pleased with the outcome, the Soviet chain of command had been thrown into chaos.

However, he knew there was one faction that was unaffected currently by the fall of Moscow: The Latin Confederation. If given time, they would've stabilized the situation by taking control of the command-less Soviet troops and organized a counter-attack against Epsilon's forces. This would not be allowed to happen, lest it jeopardize his plans. They also had access to the last ever Cloning Vats, still under Soviet control.

Not wanting to be caught off-guard, and to show how powerless they are without the knowledge & technology of Yuri's aid, he ordered his most trusted Proselyte with a simple mission: Raze the Confederation's main European HQ to the ground! To accomplish this, he gave him access to an Infiltrator with two geneviruses, one of them codenamed "Terranova". Yuri told the Proselyte to take the Infiltrator and use him to sabotage the main Cloning Vats in order to send Yuri's 'grand gesture' to the Latin Confederation. With this tech and knowledge, the Proselyte and the Infiltrator headed off to Spain.

Using a Prison Truck, the Infiltrator, and several GI's were led into a makeshift prison camp and held there until further notice. The Infiltrator was disguised as a GI in order to be purposely captured by the Soviet troops. Once the guards walked back to their posts, the agent made his move and disguised himself as a Conscript. Making his way out of the camp, he headed towards the Cloning Vats. The Proselyte used a Scout Raven to check for Spy detectors, like Attack Dogs and Terror Drones, and Shadow Ring to cloak the Infiltrator in order to avoid being detected by them. After making his way through the city, he entered the base and infiltrated the Cloning Vats.

MO3 Huehuecoyotl Brutes

Once inside, the Infiltrator proceed on his mission by inserting the first genevirus into the Vats. Shortly afterwards, they suddenly went haywire and continuously created hulking, mutated humans who aggressively attacked the Confederation soldiers and installations in their sight, causing chaos on the base and forcing a nearby Construction Yard to quickly unpack into an MCV and flee the scene as the Confederation forces were overwhelmed. Many structures were destroyed by the endless horde of the mutants' relentless attacks.

Using the chaos as a distraction, the Infiltrator then inserted the 'Terranova' genevirus into one of the sabotaged Vats. Shortly afterwards, it creates a superhuman christened as "Rahn" under the Proselyte's command. The Proselyte allows Rahn to wreak havoc on the Confederation forces as he pleases and be unforgiving to them with his unique beam weapon capable of mutating unfortunate soldiers struck by it into the hulking mutants, then known to Epsilon as Brutes. The Proselyte was told to keep Rahn alive throughout the operation, as he would prove useful in later battles.

After destroying the base, the Brutes began to move throughout the city. Civilians panicked as they saw the monstrosities. They were also ending up as victims to Rahn's special beam weapon, turning them into Brutes as well.

The Latin forces continue to make a desperate struggle against the onslaught, building a base on outskirts of the city. Nevertheless, the sheer number of the Brutes was too much for them and, by the time Aerial support arrived, the Latin base was destroyed.

With the Main HQ of the Latin Confederation razed to the ground, the Proselyte ordered Rahn to evacuate the area via a Stallion Transport. The Brutes continued their merciless assault on any Soviet stragglers in the vicinity of the base.

A Game of Chess

After Siegfried rescued Tanya from Soviet captivity and safely made it back to the British Isles, Allied intel had discovered Yuri's reappearance, based from scattered info left from Soviet Command. At first, the European Alliance considered this a good thing since he would be a big problem to the Russians. However, they eventually realized that his mind control tech would lead to the enslavement of humanity and it wouldn't matter which side people were on; Allied, Soviet or neutral-sided nations. The Allied plans to liberate the world from the Soviets had to be put on hold as they began engaging in a series of moves and counter-moves with Yuri's forces, who likewise viewed the still fighting Allies in the London Fortress as a threat.

The Liberation of Rome


More intel revealed that he had taken control of a Soviet base in Rome, Italy. Here, he resumed the Psychic Amplifier project by building one in the middle of St. Peter's Square. Thanks to experience, the Allied Commander knows that it would be a threat to not just the British Islands, but to the whole of Europe as well. He asked his fellow commanders to send a task force into Italy immediately. They argued that it would take too much time to get in via the sea or air. However, Siegfried offered him the use of the Chronosphere to quickly send his forces straight into the Italian capital. To him, time is of the essence.

Siegfried had adjusted the location of the Task Force so it would land right on top of the mind controlled Italian forces (whom had fallen to the Soviets and were now under Yuri's control). Sending a task force that consisted of 2 Archon AMCs along with Tanya and an Engineer, he chronoshifted them in the middle of the fallen Allied base just near one of the Psychic Beacons. Tanya quickly disposed of the Epsilon garrison while the Engineer reconfigured the Psychic Beacon, releasing the Allied Italian forces there from Yuri's control.

Thanks to some valuable info about the one in New York, Siegfried and his crew had managed to understand how the Beacons work. As long as it was online, it acted as a shield against the power of the Psychic Amplifier present there. As a result, he advised the Allied Commander to protect it. Otherwise, the whole task force present there would end up being enslaved by the Amplifier after a specific amount of time.

Additional intel revealed an "unlucky" Soviet Garrison that was also being controlled by Yuri's forces. They suggested to the Commander to seize the Beacon and get them on their side without having to fight them.

After taking control of the Allied base, additional reinforcements were chronoshifted, which consisted of a Cavalier MBT armor detachment as well as 3 Prism Tanks. They would prove to be very helpful before the Epsilon forces realized their presence. As the Commander fortified the Allied Base and constructed a War Factory to build additional Tanks, another transmission was heard. Again, it was from Siegfried. He said that the Robot Tank was finally developed and ready for construction to counter against the mind-control powers of Yuri's agents. Four Robot Tanks were chronoshifted into the base as reinforcements.

As the Allied Commander continued his push further in Rome, he seized important structures such as Oil Derricks. He also captured Epsilon Outposts that were near his base. As he prepared to capture the mind-controlled Soviet Base, something unexpected happened. Something, or someone, destroyed the Psychic Beacon and freed the Soviets from Yuri's control and started attacking both Allied and Epsilon forces present nearby.

To the Commander, they'd now become a wildcard in the fight. At the moment, it would prevent a portion of Yuri's forces from attacking his base but, of course, he was aware that he'd expect Soviet skirmishes. However, the defenses in his base remains strong, thwarting either Epsilon or Soviet attacks. After some time had passed, the Soviet base was back under Epsilon control, due to the presence of the Psychic Amplifier (which was another reason for the Commander to keep the Psychic Beacon in his base secured, in case the Psychic Amplifier hadn't been destroyed quickly).

The Allied Commander mustered a large armored division, which consisted of Cavalier Tanks, Prism Tanks and Robot Tanks, and sent them to strike the Amplifier, which was located at the very center of the Vatican Square. The division was supported by Harrier airstrikes as well as lightning strikes from the Thor Gunship. To boost his success, he also "borrowed" some Soviet tanks such as the Rhino TankScud Launcher and the Wolfhound Attack Helicopter along with Soviet infantry.

The Psychic Amplifier, of course, was very well defended. Yuri's PsiCorps had turned the Vatican into a mighty stronghold which was surrounded by ArchersVirus anti-personnel infantry (the Allied soldiers just called them "Virus" for their deadly way of killing infantry), 2 Artillery Emplacements and, most of all, his mind-control forces which consisted of Epsilon Elites and the Masterminds, a recent weapon being deployed which, for some reason, rotated around near the Amplifier.

Nevertheless, the Allied Commander had tactfully planned his stratagem. Using every unit at his disposal, he carefully removed anti-armor troops and the Epsilon Elites using the Thor and the Wolfhound in the air along with Prism Tanks. Enemy armor were countered with the Cavalier and the Rhino while those who were "garrisoned" in Tank Bunkers were destroyed by Harriers (since it's missiles were able to hit them without bothering said bunker). The Artillery emplacements were neutralized using the Scud Launcher which, afterwards, made its way to the Amplifier and obliterated it.

Operation "Stone Cold Crazy"

Thanks to the Commander's actions in Italy, Siegfried and the other scientists now have additional time to work on the last stages of the Paradox Project. Although Yuri's forces have risen from the shadows to take much of the world under their control, these events show that they are not invincible and that they can be beaten.

Just as things got good for the Allies, some bad news came in: Epsilon have got their hands on an experimental Barracuda prototype and are trying to use them for their own purpose. Allied Command would not allow this to happen and sent the Commander off to Dunderlandsdalen, Norway. He needed to retake the prototype before it is lost forever to the enemy.

The Commander's forces arrived at Norway. They consisted of 2 large squads of GI's and Guardian GI's along with 2 Elite Thor Gunships. Along with them were a squad of Allied Attack Dogs, several Field MedicsSpiesSiege CadresNavy SEALSSnipers and Engineers.

The Commander ordered his forces to intercept the first Kamaz truck, which just entered the Epsilon controlled Allied base. His troops kept the enemy distracted while his Thor Gunships use their lightning weapons to immobilize the truck. Afterwards, they recovered 1 out of 10 pieces of technology.

Allied Command suggested to the Commander that he should capture the Outpost to use as a temporary base of operations. He agreed and moved his forces to engage the mind controlled Allied troops. After clearing the base out, along with some assistance from an abandoned Artillery Bunker, he ordered his Engineers to capture the buildings.

He didn't have enough to capture everything so he seized the Barracks first to produce more. After he captured the Air Force Command Headquarters, Allied Command sent him several Hummingbirds. They would prove useful in stopping the trucks as their time warping weapon would slow them down enough for his troops to catch up.

Allied Intel suggested if the Commander takes a nearby Satellite Hack Center, he would get a better view of the battlefield and would be able to coordinate attacks better. The Commander agreed and prepared a force to take another outpost.

As he prepared his troops, the second Kamaz truck arrived, just up the cliffs from where the outpost was. Since it was close, he ordered his Thor Gunships to clear out any AA in the area and immobilize the truck. They had now secured 2 out of 10 pieces of technology.

The Commander was warned by Allied Command about creatures that could explode with toxin, damaging and killing his troops. Should he come across any tunnels, he was ordered to destroy them in order to stop the flow of these toxic monsters.

He soon received 3 more Snipers as reinforcements. They would come in handy against Yuri's snipers, Virus', and the mobile toxin bombs. Allied Intel soon picked up another truck approaching the battlefield. The Commander only had 5 minutes to prepare his forces before the truck arrived. He would need to move quickly before the truck is lost.

As the Commander pushed his forces towards another outpost, the next Kamaz truck arrived in the south. Fortunately, he had left some Rocketeers in the area and they made short work of the truck, immobilizing it. They had now secured 3 out of 10 pieces of technology.

As he was building Harriers, Allied Intel soon got word that the next Kamaz truck would be directly north of the Commander's position. The bad news was that the area's covered with AA emplacements so a direct air attack wouldn't work. Allied Command soon sent several Robot Tanks and more GGI's to the field.

As the fourth Kamaz truck entered, the Commander noticed a gaping hole on the west side of the AA emplacements. He quickly sent his newly built Harriers through the hole and attacked the truck before it could even start its journey. They had now acquired 4 out of 10 pieces of technology.

Allied Intel soon picked up word that the next Kamaz truck would be stopping by an Epsilon controlled Ore Purifier to pick up some goods. They ordered the Commander to find where the structure is and to prepare for the truck's arrival while they sent in more reinforcements. He wasted no time as used his Rocketeers as scouts, along with the Satellite Scan, in order to find the Purifier.

Just as they located the Purifier in the northwest, the next Kamaz truck arrived. The Commander quickly ordered his Harriers to strike the truck. They succeeded and the truck was now immobilized. They had now acquired 5 out of 10 pieces of technology. Only 5 more to go.

Allied Intel, again, picked up word that the next Kamaz truck would arrive in an abandoned village. The Commander would need to find the village before the truck arrives so he could prepare a strike. Just as started to prepare his troops, he soon got warning that Epsilon's own forces were starting to move into the area. He would to watch his outpost as Initiates and Archers began to attack him from behind.

Just as he paradropped several troops into the village and garrisoned them into buildings, the Kamaz truck arrived. He quickly ordered his troops to abandon the buildings and attack the truck. He also sent some Rocketeers to deal with the truck as well as any Epsilon Adepts that may have tried to enter the area. With the truck immobilized, they now had 6 out of 10 pieces of technology. They only needed to recover 4 more.

Allied Intel soon got word of two Kamaz trucks entering the region in a few minutes. At the same time, tank reinforcements, in the form of Masterminds and Lasher Tanks, from Epsilon were arriving to deal with the Commander's forces. He needed to hold just a little longer until all the trucks were revealed.

As the Commander was holding off Epsilon's attacks, the two Kamaz trucks arrived from the southeast and northwest simultaneously. Because he left some Rocketeers where the village was, he ordered them to destroy the first truck while he sent his Harriers to deal with the second. Both were immobilized at the same time. They had now acquired 8 out of 10 pieces of technology. They only needed to recover 2 more before the mission could be considered complete.

Allied Intel got word that Yuri is using some sort of jamming device to hide the last two trucks, meaning they couldn't determine how long it will be until they enter the area. They suggested to the Commander to keep an eye on the battlefield.

As the Commander was holding off the ever increasing attacks from Epsilon forces, the ninth truck arrived, slightly east of south. He ordered his Rocketeers to deal with the truck while he dealt with the defense of his outpost. They succeeded in their task and the truck was immobilized, securing them 9 out of 10 pieces of technology. They just needed to locate the final truck, disable it, recover the prototype and they could go home.

The final truck soon arrived, slightly east of north. This one was bigger than the rest. As a result, it had alot more armor than the others. The Commander amassed a large force of Rocketeers, along with a squadron of Harriers, and sent them towards the truck. Despite all the defenses that Epsilon put up to deal with air attacks, it wasn't enough and the truck came to a stop just short of an enemy outpost. The Allies recovered the last bit of technology for the prototype and then chronoshifted back to London before Yuri could send his Invaders.

Skirmish in Morocco

MO3 Ghost Hunt

After completing his task in Norway, the Commander was then ordered to head off to Boured, Morocco. Intel had came in that another Psychic Amplifier had been constructed in the city by Scorpion Cell forces and, should it activate, North Africa and Europe would fall to Epsilon.

However, they couldn't send in a full fledged assault straight away since it would give away their objective and would merely cause the Scorpion Cell fighters to move the Amplifier to some place where they couldn't destroy it.

As a result, a small taskforce was sent to recapture an old US MCV, that had been placed behind laser gates, and construct a new base in order to bring the fight to Scorpion Cell. They needed to hurry, for the free world was at stake!

Using an old underground tunnel system, two Navy SEALS and an Engineer managed to sneak into the occupied US base. Shortly while after, another Engineer and a Field Medic showed up to provide support. The Commander would need to be careful as the base was guarded by mind controlled Americans and civilians.

He ordered his SEALS to move in and clear out any infantry opposition they encountered. He was informed about the Chimera Cores, devices that could hide troops and vehicles but not buildings. His SEALS were equipped with sensors that allowed them to detect stealthed units.

As his force slowly made their way towards the MCV, he had to keep a watch out for any vehicles that approached like Gatling Tanks and Abrams Tanks, since his SEALS were not sufficient in fighting vehicles.

After clearing the area of enemy troops, including Brutes, the Commander ordered his SEALS to C4 the laser gate guarding the MCV. After the gate was down, he ordered his Engineer to pilot the MCV and move it out of the holding area.

After finding a good spot, the Commander ordered the MCV to unpack into a Construction Yard, completing his first objective. Allied Intel picked up where the Amplifier was located, along with a Psychic Beacon that was controlling the American forces.

Now that his Construction Yard was setup, more reinforcements arrived out of the tunnel, including GI's, Guardian GI's and Siege Cadres. Allied Command pointed out the scarce amount of ore and gems in the area, ordering the Commander to capture any Oil Derricks he could find to fund his operation.

Slowly, but surely, he cleared out any enemy buildings, including the Chimera Cores, and started expanding outwards. He soon got his War Factory going and started to produce vehicles.

He got word from Allied Command that Scorpion Cell had captured an American research facility that was looking into long ranged weapon controllers. They ordered him to retake the facility so they could get the required tech necessary to complete the mission.

Constructing a sizeable force, he moved his troops to the facility and removed the Scorpion Cell presence there before ordering an Engineer to retake the lab. Allied Command soon pointed that the place used to be an old US research building which focused on advanced communications.

After some time had passed, Allied Command contacted the Commander again to inform him that they had found data on a prototype mobile Mercury controller, codenamed the Athena Cannon. By using this vehicle, they could now regain control over the Mercury Satellite and use its destructive power against Scorpion Cell. He was then given access to construct the Athena Cannon at his War Factory.

After constructing several Cannons and combining them with his massive force, that included Warhawks, the Commander moved his army towards the Psychic Beacon and cleared out the defences surrounding it. He then used the Athena Cannons as a coup de grâce, destroying the Beacon with a weapon from space. At this point, the Commander and Allied HQ expected the American troops to turn back to their side now...

However, much to Allied Command and the Commander's surprise, the American forces in Morocco weren't mind controlled Americans at all! They were instead, Scorpion Cell fighters who had commandeered Allied vehicles and equipment in order to lull them into a false sense of security.

After the Americans fell for the trap, Scorpion Cell forces attacked the Allied base in mass numbers, forcing the Commander to retreat his army back for the time being.

After dealing with the remaining American disguised SC forces, the Commander decided to make a move against the Amplifier itself before it could come online. The battle was intense, many of his troops, vehicles and aircraft were destroyed due to the massive amount of traps and ambushes that Scorpion Cell had planned. If there was one thing that he shouldn't underestimate in this battle, it would be Scorpion Cell, despite their lack of advanced technology.

Fighting his way through the defenses and enemy troops, the Commander ordered his Athena Cannons and Warhawks to fire upon the damaged Psychic Amplifier before it could activate. Allied Command contacted him and informed him that, while another Amplifier would no doubt be built, the destruction of the Morocco Amplifier would give them more time to complete the Paradox Project. They then ordered that the Scorpion Cell base be buried in rubble to reduce their strength and influence on the region.

As he finished up the last of enemy forces in the area, his battle control was suddenly terminated. The news he received afterwards was extremely dire...

Operation "Divergence"

Attack on the London Fortress

Paradox Flight

With the attack on the London Fortress by Yuri and Scorpion cell's distraction in Morocco, Epsilon's forces had the perfect opportunity to set up an ambush on the Isles of Scilly. Yuri assigned PsiCorps with this task. They did this by deploying several Gehenna Platforms and their Navy. It was clear that they were going all in with this ambush. The Allies could not allow it to succeed, lest the free world falls into darkness. The Allied Commander would take up the task of clearing the platforms before the Engine arrived.

Shortly after overlooking the Isles of Scilly, the 'Chrono Legion', consisting of eight Chrono Legionnaires, arrives on the isles. The Commander quickly divides the legion into two, clearing the south area of map of Gehenna platforms first, mainly due to it being closer to the starting island. The Commander then receives a transmission from Siegfried, informing him that four additional Chrono Legionnaires have arrived. With a bigger attack force, he divides the Legionnaires into groups of two once again, clearing the north area of the map. Thanks to professional micro-management of his troops, no Chrono Legionnaires were lost and their mission has been completed efficiently.


Moments after clearing the Isles of hostile Gehenna's, the Paradox Engine arrives, being escorted by a third of the Allied Navy. Although they arrived in groups after groups, the Allied Destroyers and Dolphins made quick work of enemy Piranhas while the Aegis CruisersBattleships and Aircraft Carriers, escorted the Engine from a closer range.

After the Paradox Engine made its way away from the Isles of Scilly, it initiated a time freeze, which helped the Commander's navy clear the Isles of enemy forces that may have followed and destroyed the Engine. The rest of the Allied forces were able to catch up with the Paradox Engine shortly after securing the Isles.

Battle of Tenerife

After successfully thwarting off the ambush in the Isles of Scilly, the Paradox Engine's power began to drop. Siegfried noted that by using the Time Stop twice, along with its premature deployment, it was wearing the battery down, and it needed to recharge before they could press on. Their first priority was to locate a good source of power to help the Engine to recover.

Eventually, reconnaissance located a suitable power-charging station: the Epsilon base in Tenerife, located in the Canary islands just off the coast of Africa. The Allied Commander's aide noted that said base had a Psychic Beacon there that was enslaving the local populace as well as surviving Chinese forces, which had occupied the island previously. If they could get a foothold, capture a Radar Spire to locate the Bio Reactors and, with the help of the locals, get them to work at full power, they might be able to continue their efforts to against Yuri. The Allied Commander would complete the task.

MO3 Hysteria Battle

Right away, Allied forces, led by the Commander, destroyed any local naval units, including Epsilon Naval Shipyards, as well as clearing the beach of troops and defenses. He used his Aircraft Carriers to carefully pick off vehicles, like Gatling Tanks, and Rocketeers to eliminate any Anti-Air units, like Archers.

After clearing the AA defenses, he used his Thor Gunships and Cryocopters to destroy all troops near the Radar Spire. Once this was done, he ordered the Voyager transport up to the beach and unloaded his Engineers. He then ordered one of them to enter the Radar Spire so they could obtain information on where the reactors are.

Allied Intel sifted through the data they recovered from the Radar Spire and found several locations of the Bio Reactors. They estimated that it would take, at least, 4000 units of power in order to recharge the Paradox Engine. They then informed the Commander that, should he have any spare forces, he should put them in the Bio Reactors for extra power.

While he was still clearing some nearby defenses, the Commander was contacted by Allied Command in the Paradox Engine. They regretted to inform him that their onboard Chronosphere was not at full operational status, due to the premature launch.

However, it was functional enough for them to be able to send several reinforcements like Charon Tanks, Prism Tanks, Thor Gunships and Cavalier Tanks, provided the Commander had the necessary resources to summon them. Allied Intel pointed out the locations of safer areas for the reinforcements to be chronoshifted to.

After clearing out any nearby coastal defenses, the Commander moved his Engineers to capture the Epsilon buildings on the beachhead, intending to use it as a temporary base of operations. He soon noticed the Psychic Beacon located in one of the outposts, controlling the civilians and Chinese forces in the area.

After clearing out the outpost of Epsilon and mind controlled Chinese units, he ordered his forces to destroy the Psychic Beacon, breaking Yuri's control over the Chinese army in the area and causing them to fight both Allies and Epsilon at once.

Once the civilians were broken free of mind control, the Commander ordered them into Bio Reactors in order to reach the required power levels. Allied Command would make sure that they would be freed after it was over.

After wiping out most of the Epsilon presence on the island, the Commander ordered his Engineers to capture the remaining Bio Reactors in the outposts and then ordered his units, or civilians, to enter them in order to increase the power level. Once the meter hit 4000 units of power, the first objective was completed.

Now that they were at sufficient power levels, the team on the Paradox Engine chronoshifted the battery over to the island to begin the charging sequence. An MCV was chronoshifted over, as well, and deployed into a Construction Yard. The Commander took control of the base and began constructing new Power Plants along with much needed War Factories and Refineries.

Allied Intel soon got word of another Epsilon base near the Commander's position. There was no guarantee that the Bio Reactors would stay intact when the attacks came so they advised him to build more Power Plants in order to keep the power levels above 4000 so the battery could be supercharged. Should the meter go below it, it would ruin the battery. Without the battery, the Paradox Engine would be down and the free world would be no more!

The fight was tough, several Bio Reactors were destroyed during the fight. However, the Commander was able to keep the power levels above 4000 long enough for the battery to be recharged at full strength. While the attack from Epsilon forces was strong, it wasn't enough for them to stop the Allies desperate defense.

With the Paradox Engine's battery fully charged and chronoshifted back, the Canary Islands were purged of Epsilon taint, allowing the Allies to liberate the area. The surviving Chinese simply surrendered rather than fight after seeing the Barracuda Bombers strike from seemingly nowhere. The Allied Commander was able to rest at last, as they had truly managed to make a successful counter-attack against Yuri's forces. However, this would just the beginning...

The Fractured Union

MO3 Awake and Alive

After being psychically attacked by unknown parties – possibly Yuri himself – earlier, the Soviet General woke up with some of his men, in a cell and under the captive of mysterious soldiers as well as some apparently rogue Soviet soldiers. Within moments of arising, the guards around the camp were quickly demolished.

Reznov and Krukov, assisted by some loyal Russian soldiers, had come to save him. After apologizing to the General that they're late, they told him that they need to move quickly, and the two would explain on the way.

Escape from Stalington

The General and his men followed Reznov and Krukov in their escape, killing some pursuers that tried to stop them. Just as they were about to cross a bridge, one of the loyalists noticed a Virus trying to assassinate the General. Krukov said that the bridge has been rigged to blow, and destroying the nearby dumpster would trigger the explosives. One of the loyalist Pyros destroyed the dumpster, causing the bridge to explode and killing some pursuers as it collapses. Reznov told the group to keep moving, as the broken bridge wouldn't hold the attackers back for long.

One of the loyalists saw a patrol that headed to the road they were on; the General quickly ordered everyone to get off the road. Reznov noticed a watch tower guarded by hostiles in the distance and shoots the barrels around it, taking them all out. At this point, more Russian soldiers in hiding noticed the General. This allowed him to sigh in relief as they were friendly and gladly supported the General in his escape. The group continues to move, but the next bridge was protected by a hostile blockade. Fortunately a loyalist Crazy Ivan was nearby and he attempted to reach the other side of the blockade to clear it. He needed to make haste, however, as the Virus from earlier was resuming her hunt on the General.

Owing the General an explanation about the events, Reznov and Krukov told him that Yuri, the traitor, had resurfaced and taken over the city; Reznov stated that he was using the American rebels to weaken Stalington's defenses, while Krukov stated that the troops arriving to "reinforce" Stalington were already under Yuri's control. They also told the General that Yuri had already built a large force with which he launched simultaneous attacks around the world, including Moscow. Eventually, they found the General's command ship and cleared the area of hostiles so he could board it.

The areas blocking the line of escape for the General's ship, however, were still full of hostile troops and defenses. He ordered Reznov and Krukov to take their forces and clear the area near one of the determined escape points. While many lives were lost, they accomplished this task and the General was able to move on.

Just as the General's command airship finally reached the determined escape point, Reznov and Krukov contacted him as he set off, stating that they would stay in the S.S.A. to continue their fight against Yuri's forces. Reznov and Krukov also asked the General to organize a resistance against the traitor and find out what he was planning, and bids their farewell, hoping that they would meet again.

Just as the General's command airship entered the waters, the pilot noticed a large fleet of Soviet forces were moving their way. The fleet contacted the airship to inform that they were friendly and asks them what was going on and who was onboard.

Rescuing Morales

Second Battle of Chicago

After the rescue operation, the Soviet General returned to the former United States after getting an Intel of Yuri's forces intending to active the Psychic Amplifier in Chicago. At first he was skeptical, the last time he remembered Chicago was utterly destroyed by a Midas. That was until he saw it's current state, the Intel had turned out to be inaccurate (as said by Yuri himself). Most of the city was in ruins but many infrastructures were still intact. Worse of all, the presence of the American Forces were still at a large fighting strength and were now engaging Epsilon Forces.

The General already guessed the American's plan. If they're successful in capturing the Amplifier, both Epsilon and Soviet forces in the American Continent will bend to their will at an instant. He knew he couldn't allow that to happen, but he also knew that his forces would receive a furious attack from them as soon as his forces landed there.

Time was limited, as he would need to gather his forces and beat both of them in seizing the Amplifier before it activates.


Soviet Forces had arrived in the city, landing in the same place where the Latin Confederation base used to be. There they saw both the Americans and the Epsilon forces clashing with one another. Rather than wasting the lives of his men in facing them both, he decided to let his men watch the fight until either side won with only few survivors.

When the clash ended, he ordered his men to clean up the remainder of either side and quickly established a base. After the General built his base, he soon received a "warm welcome" from the Americans, whom were very angry to see him. His forces managed to beat them off which, afterwards, the Epsilon forces arrived to do the same thing, which his forces thwarted them as well.

There were occurrences that both sides appeared to be heading towards his base. His forces simply defended against the combined attack which, instead, turned into a Mêlée à Trois. However, the Soviet General knew he couldn't let this go on, as this would delay his chances of capturing the Amplifier.

After thwarting both enemies, he continued to gather enough forces for a swift attack into the Epsilon Base. He also kept some of his men to defend the base from unsuspecting American attacks, which he decided to ignore. A combination of Ground and Aerial attacks swiftly thinned down the Epsilon forces there, leaving nothing intact except for the Amplifier, which, soon enough, an escorted Engineer seized it and, afterwards, the Amplifier is re-tuned for the Soviet's cause.

Battle of Singapore

With the capture of the Amplifier, the Soviets, for a time being, had a base of operations. Also, it would delay Yuri's plans to conquer the country. However they still needed to reclaim Mother Russia from Yuri's hands, who was making use of the brainwashed Russian forces to attack across the continent. A miracle soon arrived for the Soviets.

Thanks to the incident in the North and South Korean Border, the Chinese wondered about the root of the incident, since their "alliance" with the Pacific Front had no faults until the trouble in the Korean DMZ, which angered the Koreans and the Japanese.

After the General and the surviving members of the Politburo in Russia managed to contact the Chinese leaders, they decided to conduct a meeting to reform their alliance in order to fight against Yuri's Epsilon Army. The Chinese gladly accepted the offer. At this point, they understood that they had made a terrible choice of trusting him and his PsiCorps from the very beginning. They informed the Russians that the place of meeting would be in Singapore, and, despite some criticism from the Soviet Command, the General gave the Chinese a second chance, since he knew that it was Yuri from the start who planned the whole mess.

MO3 Juggernaut Start

Sometime later, both parties arrived in Singapore. The General himself was also present in the meeting and he had prepared his forces outside the Congress. Chinese Intel had confirmed that Yuri was sending a massive assault to prevent the alliance from happening, along with brainwashed Russian soldiers who fell victim in Moscow. Understanding the situation, the General mustered everything in his hands to battle.

With the help of the Chinese, they fortified their positions around the congress. The Chinese Forces had already made defensive positions in the outlying parts of the city and key routes that would likely be taken by Yuri's forces. The Soviet General quickly inspected the surrounding fortifications for weak spots and organized everything to ensure that the meeting would be a success.

Engineers were dispatched to secure important structures to help the defense as well. Conscripts and Flak Troopers fortified as many buildings as they could in the urban areas around the Congress, providing a sturdy (albeit temporary) defense. During that time, the Chinese had also sent satellite data to the Soviet General's HQ, allowing him to see the whole city, and they even sent reinforcements in from the north. Nevertheless, they had less than 20 minutes to prepare before a massive Epsilon Army arrived.

Soon enough, a siren rang in the whole city. Yuri's forces and the mind-controlled Russians had arrived from the South by naval and aerial assault. Civilians panicked as Yuri had already planted infiltration forces inside and was attacking from the urban areas. The Chinese informed the General that they'll deploy more Nuwa Cannons in the city, giving the command to him in ensuring the defense remains firm.

In mere moments, the Chinese Outpost in the outlying parts of the city were overrun as Invaders appeared and moved closer towards the Congress. However, they were swiftly taken down by squads of Wolfhound Gunships. At the same time, the Chinese had deployed Sentinels to the Congress, as well as authorizing the Soviet General to build more of them. They also provided the schematics to the Hammer Defense system - the advanced base defense which would make short work out of Epsilon's lightly armored vehicles.

Drillers had began to appear underneath the city, sending in enemy reinforcements. Masterminds were also deployed in their attempt to shatter the Soviet forces defending the city. However, the sheer number of the Russian and Chinese defenders were simply too much for them to handle. The Epsilon Army was persistent though, and they responded in kind by sending even more forces at the defense lines, hoping to overwhelm the garrison with their sheer numbers.

At the heart of the battle, Yuri began deploying mind-controlled Kirov Airships in the south-east. At the same time, the Iron Guard were deployed in hotspots around the defensive line surrounding the congress, and the Chinese announced that they'd be sending armored forces into the city to help the General. Along with it, the Latins also sent their Catastrophe Tank to support the Desolators. Morales and his taskforce had appeared as well, a token of thanks for saving him before. The Russian heroes Volkov and Chitzkoi arrived shortly after, providing some much-needed relief to the faltering defenses.

Nevertheless, the Chinese defense line began to shatter as more Wolfhounds appeared to reinforce the Congress. With the Chinese positions overrun, it was now up to the Russians to hold the line until reinforcements arrived in Singapore. Yuri's Magnetrons had appeared from the sea as well to support his army constantly pouring into the city, continuously sending everything at the Soviets.

Needless to say, the Soviets fought on with unrelenting fervor, smashing every offensive that the Epsilon directed towards the Congress. Though losses were immeasurable, the General was quick to order immediate replacements for his fallen troops and units - if the Congress fell, all chances of an alliance will be for naught, and with the majority of the Soviet leadership present inside, it would also mean the end of any resistance against Epsilon's ever-growing influence across the globe.

After what seemed like an eternity for the General, the fight for the Soviets was over once the Chinese reinforcements arrived in the area - the cavalry proceeded to mop up the remaining Epsilon forces, and the invading army had no choice but to withdraw...for now.

Skirmish at the Russo-Chinese Border

Battle of the Xinjiang Complex

Invasion of Shanghai

Battle of the Kashmir Facility

The Epsilon Stratagems

Recapturing the Bran Research Junction

The Defense of Totoya Island

Rashidi's Treachery

The Allied Offensive

Battle of Rashidi's Weapon Facilities

Operation "Stormbringer"

MO3 Stormbringer

Shortly after recharging the Paradox Engine and retaking Tenerife from Epsilon forces, Allied Command received an urgent S.O.S. call from one of the few remaining safe Allied bases. It was located in the US Virgin Islands, controlled by surviving Pacific Front forces after Japan was conquered by the Chinese. Once Command were told that they had managed to successfully build a Weather Control Device, they sent their most trusted field commander to protect the base.

The Allied Commander was relieved to be home at last, despite the sudden circumstances. But there was no time to relax as the Pacific Front had reported that PsiCorps were launching a full scale attack, along with mind-controlled Russian forces. Since the Paradox Engine wouldn't able to reach the base in time, it uses its on-board Chronosphere to send in Siegfried and a small task force of Mirage Tanks and Charon Tanks.

As soon as the small European force arrived, Pacific Front Intel got word of a nearby PsiCorps controlled Soviet base that was preparing to attack their position. They only had a few minutes before the invasion force arrived. Not wasting time, the Commander assisted in the construction of defenses around the Weather Control Device, which included several Skyray Cannons.

Reinforcements soon arrived in the form of Norio, who, after assisting the Russians back in Japan 2 years earlier, returned to the Allied side and assisted in the defense of the base. Considering the massive amount of open water surrounding the area, the Commander quickly built up a large naval force to counter any submarine attacks, as well as any naval unit that could bombard from long range.

The Commander also built up a considerable amount of ground forces in order to defend the choke points that led into the Pacific Front base. Using the few Mirages he had, he carefully placed them in strategic places for maximum damage against any incoming attacks from vehicles. After several minutes passed, more reinforcements arrived from the northeast in the form of Rocketeers and Allied Destroyers.

The Pacific Front gave Allied Command blueprints to the Suppressor, an amphibious combat specialist that was capable of converting incoming damage into healing for friendly troops. The Commander built several of these Suppressors and placed them at certain points on the base.

After several more minutes passed, the enemy invasion force finally arrived from the south. Right away, the mind controlled Russians sent Kirovs and Akula Missile Subs to destroy the Weather Control Device, along with a sizeable Typhoon Submarine force to deal with the Allied fleet guarding the harbor.

Several Akulas tried to attack from the backdoor in order to weaken the defenses. However, Norio and several Elite Rocketeers managed to destroy them and their missiles before they could do any damage. After a minute had passed, another attack wave arrived. This time, the Russians had brought Zubr Transports, along with Seawolves as escorts, to attack the base via an amphibious assault.

The Commander was thankful he had planned ahead and used his hidden Mirages to attack the transports before they could hit the beach, drowning all the units that were onboard. Several Wolfhound Gunships soon arrived to deal with the infantry and vehicles guarding the harbor. However, Norio and the Elite Rocketeers, once again, managed to bring them down before any damage could be done.

PsiCorps soon got annoyed at the tight defense of the base and launched a Tactical Nuke, obliterating many base defenses and destroying several Pacific Front Power Plants. After thwarting the inital attack by the invaders, the PF commander had said that this wasn't the end yet. They sent additional Intel showing Epsilon forces down the south. From there, they activated the Weather Control Device and wiped out the small garrison force that was present there.

After that, they chronoshifted an MCV and several Tsurugis into the area, stating that the PF commander would resume command of the base. However, in return for defending the Weather Control Device with such bravery and honor, they gave the Commander a new taskforce, as well as giving him permission to use the Lightning Storm against Soviet positions, should he needed to.

He quickly establishes a base there, as he organizes his naval forces to regroup at his new position and strike at the Soviet base. The fight was long and heavy, many units were lost in the inital attacks due the mass amounts of defenses and ground forces in the enemy's base. However, with patience and cunning, the Commander managed to successfully bring down the the Soviet Base. It was soon left in ruins.

Yuri, disappointed at the Soviets attempt, dismantles the Psychic Beacon that was controlling them and releases the Russian forces from mind control. The survivors, confused at what to do, charged into the Allied defenses, and to their deaths, rather then simply trying to surrender. The Allied Commander sighed as he rallied his forces to attack and destroy the Epsilon base as well. The PF Commander had granted him permission to use another Lightning Storm to wreck the enemy defenses before commencing the attack.

The fight was, again, hard and slow. Many units were either lost or mind controlled by PsiCorps forces. However, with the patience of a hunter and the cunning of a warrior, the Commander was able to successfully fight his way to the Tactical Nuke Silo and destroyed it, preventing any more nuclear strikes against the Weather Control Device. He then cleared the base of Epsilon forces and the mission was complete.

Now that the Russian and PsiCorps bases were effectively wiped off the face of the map, the Pacific Front base guarding the Weather Control Device had finally been secured. Using this support base, the Allies could now regroup and rebuild their forces. With the newly acquired technologies in hand, they could now proceed to take back the planet from both Soviet and Epsilon control.

Destroying the Amazonian Psychic Amplifier

Battle of Cape Town

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