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PsiCorps is trying to resist the effects of now Soviet Psychic Amplifier in Chicago through the use of Psychic Beacons. The Soviets begin a powerful attack on one of the devices.
- Mission description

Mind Over Matter is the seventh Epsilon cooperative mission.


After the Soviet General's success in taking the Psychic Amplifier in Chicago, the Soviets slowly regain their dominance in America as the Epsilon forces slowly succumbed to its effects. Alerted and knew they'll end up becoming pawns to the Soviet plans of vengeance against Yuri, they made a general retreat to Detroit where a Psychic Beacon that was recently constructed whose purpose was to increase the range of the mind control surrounding the Americas.

However this is now changed and force them to re-tuned the Beacon to defend themselves before the Amplifier cause an effect to their forces. Worse is that reports of Soviet Forces had now arrived to destroy the beacon as well.




  • The mission uses a unique music in the end.