The Minermite is the main resource gatherer unit used by all Foehn factions. Unlike the miners used by other sides of the war, Minermites are cheaper and faster, and move even faster thanks to Spinblades, but at the cost of having reduced ore storage capacity: half of the Chrono Miner's.

Minermites also serve as Foehn's main repair vehicle.


Minermites are small, AI-controlled drones designed to harvest ore deposits and deliver them to Foehn refineries to supply the Foehn Revolt’s limited funding. Despite their minute size, Minermites hide a smaller windspin engine within their hull, capable of increasing their top speed whenever they approach a Spinblade. This has resulted in the placement of Spinblade mining paths around Foehn bases and expansion points.

On its own, a Minermite is easy prey to any form of attack due to their low durability. In groups, however, their greatest strength manifests: they can rapidly repair any mechanical units (including themselves) that are close by, making larger groups of Minermites harder to destroy. In spite of this, a Minermite’s windspin engine and the nanomachines it produces to perform its repair tasks take up a considerable amount of space, thus reducing its ore storage capacity. For each of your enemy’s harvesters, you should have two Minermites.


The Minermite is regarded as one of the most flexible miners. Minermites can repair friendly vehicles nearby, which can make large numbers of Minermites harder to harass. Besides, Soviet Terror Drones are completely useless against any pair of Minermites since they are removed easily. Not only does its ability to repair allied units make them useful in keeping other miners safe, but also makes them useful in combat repair, especially as an early game surprise when paired with Jackals.

Fast and inexpensive, Minermites cost nearly half as much as other miners, and can receive speed boosts from Spinblades. This means that they can be produced faster, and they can follow networks of Spinblades to quickly reach ore deposits that are further away without slowing down a commander's economy. Their fast speeds can also help them escape trouble quickly if it finds itself under attack.

An interesting quirk is that Minermites only take up two slots in transports, meaning they can be transported en masse in Warturtles to distant ore fields separated by water. Their small sizes also allows them to be transported in a Jackal Racer, even though such a feature is trivial at best.

Despite the fact that Minermite is cheap, its ore storage is considerable small, as it collects $250 in credits ($500 in gems) per trip; half of the amount of what an Allied Chrono Miner yields. This can place Foehn commanders at a major disadvantage in the early game until they are able to establish a War Factory and order more additional Minermites. Because of this, it is generally recommended to have double the amount of miners compared to other factions. Although they can rapidly repair one another, a heavy burst of damage can still destroy them with ease.


  • Fast movement speed, especially when boosted by Spinblades.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Immune to mind control, confusion rays and hijacking.
  • Can repair units and remove Terror Drones.
  • Large group of Minermites can rapidly repair among themselves.
  • Takes up only two slots in a transport.

  • Unarmed.
  • Cannot crush infantry.
  • Not very durable.
  • Small ore storage space.
  • Vulnerable against aerial and heavy anti-armor threats.

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