The remnants of the Allied forces have somehow managed to capture a Psychic Beacon and use it to deflect Yuri's mind control. Yuri dispatches to destroy the device.
- Mission description

Monochrome is the eighth Epsilon cooperative campaign mission. Focused in the Mental Omega War, where Epsilon forces attempt to retake control of the fallen Epsilon base from remnants of the U.S. Army. The mission marks the first appearance of the Psychic Dominator though it is not finished.


As Yuri resurfaces again to the world and commence attack to both Soviet and Allied forces throughout the world, he also began retaking the Psychic Beacons in the Continental US, bringing most of it to his control, and as a result, the Epsilon Army successfully protected their beacon in Detroit. However, the US remnant forces whom now understand how the Psychic Beacon works (possibly) from their European Allies, had managed to capture it, bending a Epsilon base to their control.

Worse still, the Allied Forces, while directing the expeditionary forces to fight against the Epsilon Army in Africa, were still trying to send reinforcements to the West Bank of the Atlantic. One of them was selected by Boston, the city which once belonged to themselves.

Feared that the Americans might able to uncover his newest weapon, he send his agents to destroy the Psychic Beacon. If they're successful, Yuri will attain dominion in the Americans.


Let the failed Psychic Beacon down

After a few raids on Drillers carrying Brutes and Duneriders failed, two other infantry task forces arrived in the southern part. At this time, intelligence pointed out that the Allied forces were still using the Paradox Engine to send more troops into the city. The bridge leading to Psychic Beacon was also destroyed, which prevented the tank forces from entering the city.

The two infantry task forces marched cautiously because they afraid that they feared the too obvious behavior would directly attract Paradox Engine. After a long hunt, they guided the Engineer to the bridge to the repair hut. After the bridge was repaired, some Lasher Tanks also came to assist them in their operations. Affected by the operation in Bran, Romania, Epsilon also decided to directly disuse the Psychic Beacon, which was deployed in Boston. Eventually, the beacon destroyed, freed an Epsilon outpost near here.

Make the Dominator prototype safe


The inactive Psychic Dominator

This outpost is crucial to Epsilon because it was responsible to develop Yuri's new weapons program — a structure that can project superfluous wave-eroding minds and tear armored to full maps. When the two proselytes took over again, the US military began to emerge from all directions, and it seems that more reinforcements are also being sent. Due to Yuri wanted to use this weapon to invade the next city nearby, two proselytes insisted to fight against the Allies.

After 20 minutes, the Allies eventually fled and the advisor said that the Paradox Engine seemed to be left this area.


The victory of the Boston Warfare marks Yuri's ability to compare weapons with Weather Control Device and Tactical Nuke Silo. Soon, this weapon was put into use on a large scale.