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Monochrome is the eighth Epsilon cooperative campaign mission. Focused in the Mental Omega War, where Epsilon forces attempt to retake control of the fallen Epsilon base from remnants of the U.S. Army.


As Yuri resurfaces again to the world and commence attack to both Soviet and Allied forces throughout the world, he also began retaking the Psychic Beacons in the Continental US, bringing most of it to his control. However the US remnant forces whom now understand how the Psychic Beacon works (possibly) from their European Allies, had managed to capture it, bending a Epsilon base to their control.

Feared that the Americans might able to uncover his newest weapon, he send his agents to destroy the Psychic Beacon. If they're successful, Yuri will attain dominion in the Americas.






  • This is the first appearance of the Psychic Dominator.