Bring them down to our level!
- A Nautilus on the attack
The Nautilus is a capital submarine used by Epsilon in anti-ship warfare with its torpedoes and magnetic field that hampers the mobility of nearby enemy vessels.

Official description

Yuri's development of his own submarine did not stop at the Piranha and their fearsome psionic submarine Resheph. After his naval engagements with the Allies in the Atlantic, he has soon realized that the small and fast minisubs were not enough to engage the more powerful naval units of his enemies.

The Nautilus is a project based on a previously terminated concept of a massive submarine designed for naval combat with the use of highly explosive torpedoes, the devastating power of which far exceeded that of the Soviet Typhoon. Launched in volleys of 4, Nautilus' torpedoes can sink the heavier ships much quicker than the fragile Piranha ever could. Additionally, being a real, deeply submerged submarine unlike its smaller companion, the Nautilus doesn't reveal its position when moving or firing.

Nautilus' ace in the sleeve is its magnetic field, similar to that created by the Magnetic Beam used by the PsiCorps forces. If an enemy unit comes too close to the Nautilus, it will activate the field and trap anything that's near the sub at said moment, making it a sitting duck for other Yuri's underwater units.[1]


The Nautilus is one of two units (the other being the Resheph) that replaces the imbalanced Boomer submarine from vanilla Yuri's Revenge. It fulfils the anti-ship aspect, though in a way, surpasses the vanilla iteration in deadliness.

The Nautilus is the Epsilon's answer to opposing naval superiority should mass Piranhas and/or Giant Squids prove futile against the more powerful navy of the other factions. Boasting unrivaled firepower among the Epsilon navy, its 4 torpedo burst is capable of destroying even Naval Shipyards swifter than any other naval unit in the war. Its torpedo range is as far as its sensor range that outclasses the Typhoon Sub's, allowing these deep submersibles to have the first and deadly strike against its unaware foes.

The Nautilus also employs a magnetic field which is able to fulfill the Giant Squid's role somewhat, albeit only one Nautilus is needed to trap even a whole fleet of Swordfish for instance due to its wide area of effect, so that other Nautiluses and other Epsilon naval units ensure their destruction.

Like the Typhoon Sub, they are strictly regulated to anti-naval roles as they have no means of attacking targets that are on land. They are also expensive, although they are the cheapest capital naval unit available.



  • One of the most powerful units in naval battles due to its heavy firepower and durability.
  • Submerged, does not need to surface to attack.
  • Repairs itself over time.
  • Deploys magnetic field when targeting close enemy naval craft, immobilizing them.
  • Capable of detecting submerged and cloaked units.
  • Longer range than most naval units.

  • Expensive. ($1800)
  • Magnetic field can't be deployed manually.
  • Vulnerable to land and air attacks once surfaced from enemy attacks.
  • Torpedoes can be dodged by more nimble seafarers like Dolphins.
  • Slow-moving.
  • Magnetic field may affect friendly units except Nautiluses.


The Nautilus uses a modified voiceset of the Boomer from Yuri's Revenge, but with a higher pitch.

When selected

  • Yuri will be proud!
  • Maintaining position and depth.
  • Deep sea vessel standing by.
  • Engines primed.
  • Air pressure stabilized.
  • Guidance systems checked!

When ordered to move

  • Checking currents!
  • All ahead, full!
  • Adjusting rudder.
  • Thrusting forward.
  • Propeller systems engaged!

When ordered to attack

  • Torpedoes armed!
  • Bring them down to our level!
  • Launch initiated!
  • Shark bait!
  • This will be a sinker!
  • Fire!



  • Version 3.3.3 
    • Change: Improved acceleration and deceleration. Removed slowdowns when stopping.
    • Change: No longer moves at very slow speed when ordered to change location by only 1 cell in any direction.
  • Version 3.3.2 
    • Change: Veterancy gain improved; requires 25% less units to kill to receive veterancy.
    • Nerf: Torpedo damage reduced from 80 to 70.
    • Fixed: Nautilus will now receive veterancy from Tech Military Docks.
    • Fixed: Nautilus will no longer receive veterancy from Tech Heavy Machinery.
  • Version 3.3.1 Added.


  • The nautilus is an oceanic mollusc known as the only extant cephalopod with an outer shell.

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