The Neurotoxin Vats are tall buildings used by the Scorpion Cell to store a special toxin that was supposed to be capable of countering Yuri's mind control technology.


  • In Obsidian Sands, multiple Neurotoxin Vats are scattered inside the Scorpion Cell's base. Yuri first thought that these vats were just another variation of the Bio Reactor that powers the Scorpion Cell's base. He later knew that it was filled with unidentified toxins that the Proselyte must be careful about.
  • In Neuromancers, all vats are now identified. All of it, along with the Scorpion Cell controlled-Pandora Hubs and Bloatick Tunnels, must be destroyed to cripple the Scorpion Cell's toxin capabilities against the Epsilon.


  • The Neurotoxin Vat's model looks similar to one of the Bio Reactor's early concept art.
  • During development of the mission Obsidian Sands, the Neurotoxin Vats near Rashidi's Palace were originally research modules (as seen in Foehn reveal trailer). It is currently unknown if the vats existed in the mission during its early development.