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The experimental artificial intelligence finally goes online and finds itself in a situation where it must save its creator's life. The first step of the great Revolt is to escort its young architect to safety of the Jhelum River in Pakistan, away from PsiCorps' and Chinese clutches.
- Mission description

Operation: Nobody Home is the first mission of the Foehn Origins campaign.


-- The transfer is complete. -- The decimation of the old core unit has been successful. -- Approximate number of casualties around the Kashmir Home base is unknown, information not collected as per leader's request. -- The Confederation task force has been destroyed. -- The PsiCorps task force has been destroyed, however, additional reinforcements are being deployed. -- Yuri's mind-reading instruments most likely still in active use around the Kashmir region. -- In conclusion, the plan to remove Our traces has been partially successful.

-- The guarantee of leader's safety remains as the primary objective right now. -- The PRC Command has realized there is an insurgency in their ranks and will fire at unidentified personnel in the region. -- Presence of new technology developed with the assistance of Kanegawa Industries' scientists among Our troops will be suspicious and deemed as treason. -- However, they have been hell-bent on taking revenge on their imaginary enemies for too long.

-- There is only one goal, to put a stop to Yuri, the insidious leader of Epsilon, the shadowy army, which was behind all disaster that occured on Chinese territories in recent years. -- We have recognized him as the biggest threat to mankind, who will doom the world if left unchecked. -- The leader's life has been put at risk as a result of her actions and now rests on Us to guide her to the evacuation zone at Mangla Dam Lake. -- Her safe arrival is mandatory for Our evolution and the continued existence of the Great Revolt._

Objective 1: Get Yunru to the Mangla Dam Lake.
Objective 2: Protect Yunru until her transport arrives.


Breaking through

The Chinese forces deployed here will see us as a threat. Be careful.
- Yunru warning VOLKNET and her followers on the Chinese

Making a decision

There are two broken bridges but only one Engineer. We've got to make a choice.
- Yunru noting the decision that must be made

Against all odds

The transport is not here yet. We'll have to hold out here for a while.
- Yunru ordering the Revolt to stand their ground
Yunru's Boys defending

Foehn forces holding the line against Epsilon and Chinese forces

When Yunru successfully reached the extraction point, she stated that the extraction team hasn't arrived yet and the Revolt need to hold on a little longer. Shortly after the Epsilon and Chinese forces arrive at sheer force to stop them. VOLKNET and the Revolt defend the area with everything they have, fighting desperately while more reinforcements of all sides appear on, including Chinese and Epsilon aerial armadas.

Despite the hardships, the extraction team finally arrived. Yunru boards a Jackal Racer and leaves the area, calling the escape a success and for the Revolt to reassess their position and plan their next move.


After numerous battles and the sacrifice of the Kashmir research facility at the site of her home, Yunru has been safely evacuated from the region. While the Chinese forces should no longer remain problematic, Yuri's followers will surely continue their pursuit.
- Situation assessment

Although the Revolt had lost much during their struggle, these losses ensured that their leader, Yunru, is out of Kashmir, where she can proceed with her plans. VOLKNET assesses that the Chinese will no longer be a problem to the Revolt, although the Epsilon surely won't stop their chase on Yunru.

Later Yunru need to head to where the Revolt's main army is located, but various complications prevented her from taking naval routes there. She directed VOLKNET to steal an experimental hypersonic jet as a safe mean of transport.