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A betrayal within the Epsilon puts Yuri in a position to deliver the ultimate punishment and bury those who once sided with him within the ruins of an African palace. When the plan to activate the Psychic Amplifier nearby fails, he must resort to brute force. The Creation is deployed again.
- Mission description

Obsidian Sands is the ninth Epsilon Act Two campaign mission. It shows an internal conflict within the Epsilon as Rashidi and his Scorpion Cell betrayed Yuri after he lost his belief on the Epsilon cause, forcing Yuri to send his second-in-command and the "creation" to personally deal with this treachery.

This mission is the first appearance of the Dybbuk-Evolver (though Rashidi himself claims that the proselyte won't be able to use it) and the Psychic Tower. It is also the first time the Psychic Dominator is put to use on the battlefield.


Although the Kashmir operation didn't went well in the end, it proves to be more insightful than Yuri and his second-in-command had expected. Previously an Epsilon proselyte successfully pacified Libra, allowing her Cerebral Amplifier/Suppressor to do its job again. Before it is activated however, she subconsciously used her unstable psychic powers to read the minds of everyone around her, including Yunru. While her willpower was strong enough to resist the psychic tampering, her companions are not so much resistant.

It turns out that Yunru had made a secret deal with Rashidi who offered the last MIDAS warhead as a fail-safe measure against Yuri and the Epsilon in exchange for her protection and her organization's technology. Yuri is unsure why Rashidi would do something like this, but the Proselyte realized that this is why the last MIDAS cannot be found after it was seemingly lost; Rashidi's men must have been dismantled the MIDAS ICBM and transported it with Drillers, like what they did to the original Chronosphere back then - which would also explain why the warhead did not detonate after the tunnel collapses. Yuri, as expected, did not take this treachery lightly.

The Proselyte, however, noted that dealing with Rashidi's Scorpion Cell will not be easy. Even if Yuri deploys a Psychic Amplifier to pacify them, it will surely be met with the Cell's resistance. Yuri instead sent the Proselyte to the Scorpion Cell's stronghold in Bissau, Africa, and ordered him to use brute force to deal with the traitorous Scorpion Cell and bring Rashidi down under Yuri's heels.

The now recovered Libra is sent under the Proselyte's command to assist him in the operation, but Yuri warns him to be careful with her, as she had suffered two complications so far and any more would likely hinder Yuri's plans.



You know, when I saw that flying fortress the Europeans built, I doubted our cause. It felt like I would never be able to match the genius of whoever built it and fight against it. But then, you... your master brought that... thing, that's now at my doorstep. I no longer understand what your master fights for. I'm not a psychic. But I can feel her intent. She'll kill everything in her way, and Yuri holds the switch.
- Rashidi contacting the Proselyte

Rashidi had expected the Proselyte and his forces to arrive; upon seeing Libra in his tow, Rashidi felt a strong killing intent from her. As he talks with the Proselyte about his decision, especially that he would never be able to match whoever that have built the Allied secret weapon, which is the prime reason of his betrayal, the Scorpion Cell forces destroyed a Psychic Amplifier stationed near Rashidi's stronghold before it could be activated.

Having the best resources and arsenals of Scorpion Cell, Rashidi welcomes the Proselyte into his playground by introducing his latest inventions.

"Death to the traitors!"

Rashidi's last stand


With their main base of operations destroyed, the disoriented and scattered Scorpion Cell forces will be switched to our side once we rebuild the Psychic Amplifier where Rashidi's palace stood. After their defeat, the Paradox Engine remains the only threat to us.
- Yuri's message

Although the battle against the Scorpion Cell was a hard-fought one, the Epsilon loyalists nonetheless managed to destroy the rebel forces and killed Rashidi (or so the Proselyte believes) as the sands silently witnesses the fight. While many of the Scorpion Cell forces had survived, their resistance won't remain for long as a new Psychic Amplifier will be constructed in where Rashidi's palace once stood, thus hopefully ensuring the Scorpion Cell's obedience to Yuri's cause.

Several weeks later, the Allies was ready to attack Epsilon's Headquarters in Antarctica, with their epic creation, the Paradox Engine. No sooner the Proselyte was told to protect his master Yuri chronoshifted to Moscow safely than they received this information.

Difficulty changes

  • On Normal and Mental difficulty, a Tactical Nuke Silo will be deployed where the Psychic Amplifier once stood. The countdown of said superweapon will begin as soon as Rashidi says that he gathered enough troops and weapons to prevent the proselyte from getting to the palace. On Normal, the countdown will be 25 minutes long, while in Mental, this is reduced to 20 minutes.




  • Shortly after Rashidi's Palace is destroyed, a vehicle that resembles the Jackal Racer can be seen leaving the flooded tunnel located to the south of the palace.
  • Malver may be discovered with stealth detectors during the mission, but he almost cannot be killed.
  • Back to 2011, this mission was originally an Allied mission created for Mental Omega 3.0.