C ouroboros

Map overview

The Last Bastion is mass-producing the Boidmachines and has protected a battlebase with multiple Plasmerizers around it. Luckily, the waters around the island have frozen and a path for the ground forces was created. Now is the time to strike!
- Map description

Ouroboros Challenge is a Challenge map, where the enemy forces consist of three Last Bastion bases that spam Boidmachines and Plasmerizers far more than normally allowed. The enemies also have Ramwagons at the ready.


The enemy starts with a large number of Plasmerizers, Tech Maintenance Centers, Tech Defense Bureaux and tech defences around the map, fuelled by Tech Power Plants and Tech Nuclear Plants, as well as nine Boidmachines in total. Notably, in the area directly facing the players' bases across the land bridge, there are four Plasmerizers guarded by a large number of Shrike Nests, Neutralizers and Sweepers. The build limit for enemy Boidmachines is raised to 3 from 1, which means the enemy can have a maximum of 9 Boidmachines at a time, three for each base.

The enemy also has access to Ramwagons without requiring to infiltrate a Cloud Piercer. They are usually seen patrolling the battlebase in groups of 3.

Tech buildings


The Ouroboros Challenge features Last Bastion and its defensive tactic. All three enemies are situated on a mighty island fortress armed to the teeth. It is connected to the players' starting position, a small island at the southwest corner, by three icy paths.

One of the easiest challenges, without any additional offensive forces deployed save for a few Ramwagons, defending your own bases will hardly be a challenge. The only threat seems to be frequent Quetzal bombardments and Uragans. Maintaining a rapid-response AA team should prove to be helpful. The enemies occasionally launch multiple Boid Blitzes on you, but they will always prioritize your (ground) troops rather than buildings. It'll be a good idea to keep your troops clear of valuable buildings such as tech providers. And don't forget to move your forces when you hear the Boidmachine energizing sound (or make them move constantly with waypoints).

The enemies' fortress is heavily defended with an awful amount of Plasmerizers, Neutralizers, M.A.D. Mines and deployed Sweepers, as well as Ramwagons patrolling key positions. Attacking with conventional armored forces or/and surfaced warships is therefore ill-advised (although still possible). The sky is covered with Shrike Nests scattered all around the island. Aerial assault is somewhat a viable choice despite heavy loss.

The best counter to this challenge is submerged siege units, namely Akula Missile Subs and Reshephs, since they can easily exploit Plasmerizers' weakness of a very long charging time. With proper micro-managements, said submarines are able to launch their warheads and dive once again before the railgun fires. They can then repeat this procedure after the Plasmerizers lost their targets.

In this challenge, superweapons are on your side. A well-placed one can destroy a Tech Nuclear Plant, causing one of the foes to be low on power for minutes. What's more, the Foehn's Great Tempest is not harmful as other superweapons, and the enemy in the mid is more than often lacking space to build one.

And of course, like all Foehn factions, the Last Bastion AIs (especially) lack a proper answer to infiltration units. Which assures you nearly infinite funds and Foehn's stolen tech units, greatly reducing the difficulty. For the same reason, Foehn factions are not recommended for this challenge.

Favorable factions for this challenge are: