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The Oxidizer is a support anti-air vehicle used by the Scorpion Cell. Despite being classified as such, it does no damage to enemy aircraft whatsoever, but instead makes them more susceptible to damage.


The Oxidizer is the Scorpion Cell's dedicated anti-air support system. Oxidizers are primarily made up of salvaged parts of other vehicles, haphazardly soldered and bolted together in order to cut down on costs taxing the Cell's fluctuating budget. The resulting contraption fires capsules containing a highly potent cocktail of hydrogen peroxide, hydrochloric acid, and nitric acid, which literally eats away at aircraft. Due to the threadbare interiors, dangerous chemicals, and unstable construction of the Oxidizer, the position of pilot or gunner of one of these death traps is considered a lowly position, reserved for disciplinary action. The Oxidizer is designed purely for anti-aircraft warfare and so is very vulnerable to any other forces.




  • Weapon decrease target aircraft's armor by 25%.
  • Armor debuff is stackable, allowing anti-air weapons to shoot down heavier aircraft with ease.
  • Very effective against aircraft.
  • Can fire on the move.
  • Fast.

  • Lightly armored.
  • Cannot deal direct damage.
  • Useless against ground units and needs support to deal with air units.


The Oxidizer is voiced by De'Lante Capers (previously credited as Rhys_Dallows).

When selected

  • Oxy... Oxy!
  • Come on, where are the real weapons?
  • Armor is overrated.
  • Can I have a better vehicle now?
  • I love the color of rust.
  • Scrub the sky of pests.
  • Why did you give me this?

When ordered to move

  • Dizer!
  • Well, the engine isn't dead yet...
  • I hope this doesn't break.
  • Still moving.
  • We're out of fuel... No, wait, the gauge is just broken.
  • Provided we don't break, we'll be there soon.

When ordered to attack

  • Breathe in deep for me.
  • Why do you need that armor?
  • Stop shining.
  • No metal can stop this.
  • Like wet cardboard.
  • I'm not gonna hurt you! (chuckles)
  • Keep shooting, if it blows up I get a new one.
  • This isn't good.
  • This wouldn't have happened if you gave us a gun.


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