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The Pacific Front is one of three subfactions of the Allied Nations.

Official description

The Pacific Front is the most recent member of the Allied forces, quickly joining when the threat of communist China began to loom on the horizon. Due to the need to quickly mobilize as many forces as possible in preparation for the war, the Pacific Front arsenal is partially comprised of former civilian or law enforcement machines converted into military weapons.

Combining long range assault and cryogenic technology, the Pacific Front offers a lot of versatility to their allies. Their hero Norio, donning the mighty ‘Garuda’ power armor, and their Black Eagle fighter jets once again assert the absolute dominance of the Allied forces over the skies.[1]


The Pacific Front is mainly composed of Japan, South Korea, Australia and so on. These countries were once colonies of the United States and only passed the referendum independence in the past ten years. The formation of the Pacific Front, a military alliance, is to counter the needs of the rising China.


The Pacific Front employs cryo weaponry and long range attacks.
- Pacific Front loading screen







Support powers



  • Version 3.0 
    • Note: Succeeded by Pacific Front and consists of not only South Korea, but other countries as well
    • Note: No longer has subfaction passive bonuses, but instead has new subfaction-exclusive units (e.g. Zephyr, Norio) and support powers (e.g. Zephyr Beacon).
    • Note: Some specific Allied units from 2.0 are now affiliated with this subfaction (Black Eagle and Blizzard Tank)
  • Version 1.0 Added.
    • Known as South Korea.
    • Special Unit: Black Eagle
    • Special Tactics: Airpower - Aircraft statistics +20%, cost -20%
    • Veteran Units: Harrier, Rocketeer, Aircraft Carrier

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  1. Allied Information page on the official Mental Omega website