The Pandora Hub is Epsilon's advanced technology structure which unlocks their more advanced units and structures. However, it has to be upgraded with any of the subfaction-specific add-ons to grant the proselyte full access to the Epsilon arsenal.


The Pandora Hub serves as a central research lab for the most powerful of Epsilon technologies. As well as providing blueprints for Epsilon's most insidious machines, it also serves as an uplink for additional support powers. Such a vital building must be protected well and its secrets guarded safely from enemies. The Pandora Hub should be upgraded further to provide the complete technology coverage and additional support weapons. Each of the subfactions has its own unique upgrade.


Besides serving as the key to unlocking the partial Epsilon Tier 2 arsenal, the Pandora Hub without any upgrades is able to provide the following support powers:

Icon Support Power Description
Risen Inferno An Inferno Tower can be deployed from out of the blue anywhere on the battlefield. This modified Inferno Tower is able to repair friendly vehicles within its aura, but has a limited lifespan. Risen Inferno costs $800 and takes 6:00 to recharge.
Shadow Ring One of Epsilon's devious tricks, the Shadow Ring cloaks friendly units in a 3x3 area for 50 seconds, out of sight from enemy radar and their forces but not from stealth detectors. Shadow Ring has no cost but takes 6:00 to recharge.

However, the Pandora Hub, even without upgrades, are susceptible to infiltration from enemy commanders and rogue proselytes. Therefore the Pandora Hub should be covered with walls or guarded by Spooks and/or Stingers, units that are able to detect and eliminate any suspicious looking infantry.


  • During development for 3.3, the Pandora Hub had its name supposedly changed to Technology Junction but it was never implemented.

See also

  • Psychplug - PsiCorps-exclusive addon that unlocks their best psychic, anti-gravitic and magnetic-derived arsenal
  • Chemplug - Scorpion Cell-exclusive addon that unlocks their best chemical-derived arsenal
  • Geneplug - Epsilon Headquarters-exclusive addon that unlocks their best genetic and stealth-derived arsenal

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