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With the Paradox Engine hiding over the Atlantic, Yuri prepares a Psychic Amplifier to revert the effects of Pacific Front actions in America, steal the Weather Controller and use it to destroy the Engine. Special Agent Tanya, accompanied by an unusual ally, is chronoshifted nearby to take it out.
- Mission description

Paranoia is the eighth Allied Act Two campaign mission.




Without this Amplifier, Yuri will no longer be able to steal the Weather Controller and use it against the Paradox Engine. The counterattack in the Americas will soon begin. We have also located a formidable Epsilon base near the Engine's current location.
- Battlefield report

Difficulty changes

  • The countdown before the Psychic Amplifier activates differ from each difficulty. On Easy, it starts in 1:30:00, on Normal, 1:15:00, and on Mental, 1:00:00. Do note that the countdown is based from in-game, not real-time.




  • This mission is a remake of Paranoiac, a mission in 2.0.
    • There is an abandoned Allied Barracks located south of the Psychic Amplifier, which is a reference to Paranoiac.

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