In order to prevent a war of attrition, the Soviets begin to utilize PsiCorps technology on a larger scale in order to control the populace of several cities. Russian troops arrive in St. Louis to prepare the grounds for a Psychic Beacon, a new mind control device of Yuri.
- Mission description

Peace Treaty is the fifth mission of the Act One Soviet campaign.


With the Pacific Front defeated at Vladivostok, the Soviets were given more time to consolidate their positions in the United States. The country needed to fall quickly before more Allied forces began attacking in the Far East again.

With this in mind, Soviet Command gave the General another mission: He was to clear out the defenders of St Louis and pave the way for a Psychic Beacon, a mind control device created by Yuri to bend the thoughts of the American people. When activated, parts of the American Midwest would be under Soviet control. This would also bolster the Soviet's ranks with mind controlled Allied troops.

The General returned from Vladivostok and begun the mission. Time was of the essence. The Psychic Beacon must be activated before his task force was wiped out by the defenders.


Clearing the defenders around the Busch Stadium

Starting with an initial force of infantry and vehicles, he made his way to the Stadium and began to clear out the Allied defenders. It proved to be a difficult task as the Americans had several Abrams Tanks along with Gun Turrets to deal with his armor while Pillboxes and GI's dealt with the infantry. Fortunately for him, several groups of reinforcements arrived to assist the General in dealing with the stubborn defenses.

Building, placing and defending the Psychic Beacon

After several minutes, the Allied outpost and defenders were eliminated. The General was given the honor of building and placing the Psychic Beacon inside the Busch Stadium. After being placed, the Beacon needed 40 minutes to calibrate before it could come online.

Soviet Command gave the General access to the forward base that was already set up inside the city. Unfortunately for him, no Soviet MCV's were available to assist. Therefore, the General would either have to make do without one or capture an Allied MCV and use their technology against them.

Just as the General placed the Beacon down in the Stadium, Allied forces soon sent several MCV's to setup multiple bases. He would have to fend them off for the next 40 minutes or this whole mission would be aborted. He dug in with his forces and prepared for the massive Allied counterattack.

The fight was hard going at points, many of his tanks and infantry were wiped out by Siege Cadres and Guardian GI's. His forward base even began to come under attack from Allied forces from behind. Soviet Command soon sent several Kirovs to help deal with Allied bases in the area. Eventually, after much fighting, the Psychic Beacon came online and the entire city of St. Louis came under Soviet control.


Excellent work General, the Americans in St. Louis are gladly joining our army, ready to kill their countrymen. We have received news though that the Psychic Amplifier in Chicago has been destroyed. Do not worry, the American dogs had been punished accordingly.
- Battlefield report

The Psychic Beacon was activated. St Louis was now under Soviet control. Already, Americans were beginning to join their armies, ready to kill their fellow countrymen. In a matter of hours, their ranks would be majorly bolstered.

Not everything was good news, however. Reports came in that the Psychic Amplifier in Chicago has been destroyed by an Allied force in the area. They have been punished for their act of aggression by nuking the entire city with a MIDAS ICBM, wiping out the entire task force.

The Soviet General's attendant then told him some shocking news of this event: The destruction of Chicago wasn't supposedly planned, as Premier Romanov himself wasn't even authorized to make the strike on the city. Uproar began in Soviet High Command. Even worse, the General was suspected to be thief of the Stalin's Fist prototype. His personal NKVD officers and other high ranking commanders were trying desperately to convince the Premier that the General is loyal to the Soviet cause so that he would be spared from being listed to the purge.

As a result of investigations, the General is locked out of the Weapons Protocol for the time being, unable to take control of an MCV or any facilities within the Soviet domain. To counter this, a secret operation is given to him. He needed to strike at the heart of Europe and instill terror in the Europeans before they counter-attack.



  • This mission is a reversal of Free Gateway, the eighth Allied mission in Red Alert 2. Instead of liberating St. Louis as the Allies, the player clears out the city and pave the way for a Psychic Beacon as the Soviets.