Scissors The following is a content cut from Mental Omega APYR. Scissors
The Perun Flagship is a unit cut from Mental Omega. It is intended as an epic unit for Russia in place of the Overcharge support power, which can boost the firepower of a unit armed with Tesla weapons and can generate an effect similar to the Overcharge when deployed.

The Perun Flagship was cut for unknown reasons (possibly due to lacking any means to defend itself), although its model, which resembles an oversized attack helicopter, along with its unique voiceset, remains in the mod's files.


The Perun Flagship is voiced by De'Lante Capers (previously credited as Rhys_Dallows).

When selected

  • I have the power.
  • Behold, I am awake.
  • The Russian flagship awaits.
  • Who calls upon the gods?
  • We are the oak, but the rest are weeds.
  • Perun, unleashed.

When ordered to move

  • Into the stone sky.
  • Move out, comrades!
  • Directly!
  • At last!
  • Can you feel the energy?
  • Perun, moving.

When ordered to buff a unit

  • Go forth and strike!
  • The power... is yours!
  • There is enough for everybody!
  • Power overwhelming!
  • Let it flow!
  • I bring you light!

When ordered to deploy

  • One point twenty-one gigawatts!
  • Victory is decided now!
  • Crush them! Drive them before us!
  • Thunder in our hearts, lightning in our blades.
  • Unlimited power!

When under fire

  • It matters not – Russia lives on!
  • I've been struck!
  • Generators failing!

When shot down

  • I shall return!
  • Gods cannot be killed!
  • Remember my name!


  • Perun is the god of thunder and lightning, and the highest of the pantheon in the Slavic mythology.
  • The Perun Flagship closely resembles the real-life Mi-24 "Hind" attack/transport helicopter.