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Power Hunger
MO3 Power Hunger MHQ



Thread of Dread

Part of

Mental Omega War




Shanghai, China


Russian and Confederation victory

  • Russia and the Confederation discover the secrets of the Chinese military without China's knowledge

Russiaicon Russia
Confederationicon Latin Confederation

Chinaicon China


Tickicon Discover information about China's secret experimental weapons
Tickicon Blame the attack on soldiers mind-controlled by Epsilon

Crossicon Protect the classified information from "Epsilon"


Unknown Chinese commander


Most Russian and Confederation arsenals

Most Chinese arsenal




In an unexpected turn of events, the Soviets find themselves in a desperate need of cybernetic weaponry and advanced EMP tech to fight back against Yuri. In order to acquire them, the Soviets decide to take over a Chinese military complex in Shanghai, posing as victims of Yuri's mind control.
- Mission description

Power Hunger is the seventh Soviet Act Two campaign mission.

The mission takes place following the events of Heartwork where Russia and the Latin Confederation invade the Chinese mainland under the guise of mind control victims of Epsilon in order to recover the remaining Chinese experimental weapons technology.

The mission marks the introduction of the Akula Missile Sub as a controllable unit.



Clearing the way

Before the siege, Soviet high command notes that outright assault will fail as the only shoreline suitable for landing zone contains Hammer Defenses and Dragonflies. Furthermore, the force composition contains Mobile Construction Vehicles and armored units inside Zubr Transports. With the presence of Dragonflies, this will greatly jeopardize the whole operation as the Dragonflies themselves serve as the back up plan in case Shanghai's Nuclear Reactors or EMP Control Stations are destroyed. So, Morales is called to black out the power facilities that powers the EMP Control Stations scattered across Shanghai or destroy the EMP Control Stations instead. Once done, Morales leaves the vicinity to give way to the Russian Navy to clear the coastal shore.

Establishing a beachead

With the Shore successfully secured, Zubr Transports of both parties arrive and the whole operation begins.

Capturing the Military HQ


With the Military HQ, we were able to reveal the secrets of the Chinese military. Their main scientist, Yunru, has been working on weapons to create a unique Chinese arsenal and break away from the shared Soviet tech for a long time. We now know where she is.
- Battlefield report



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