In an unexpected turn of events, the Soviets find themselves in a desperate need of cybernetic weaponry and advanced EMP tech to fight back against Yuri. In order to acquire them, the Soviets decide to take over a Chinese military complex in Shanghai, posing as victims of Yuri's mind control.
- Mission description

Operation: Power Hunger is the seventh Soviet Act Two campaign mission.

The mission takes place following the events of Heartwork where Russia and the Latin Confederation invade the Chinese mainland under the guise of mind control victims of Epsilon in order to recover the remaining Chinese experimental weapons technology.

The mission marks the introduction of the Akula Missile Sub as a controllable unit. In this mission, the colour of both the player-controlled Russian and the allied Confederation forces is purple instead of red and orange, ostensibly to reflect how these armies are pretending to be mind controlled by Epsilon.


In an unexpected turn of events, it would appear that the main Chinese fleet in the North Pacific Ocean has begun making their way down south, most likely, towards Solomon or Fiji Islands. While we have no idea why they are doing this, it has given us the perfect opportunity to strike. Right along the coast is Shanghai, the location of the Chinese Military Headquarters, the likely nerve center to all of China's military and technological knowledge. In order to obtain their advanced EMP and cybernetic tech they refused to share for ourselves, to fight against Yuri in Moscow, we must capture it.

Though major formations of the Chinese fleet may be away, a significant defense still exists within the East China Sea and the city's perimeter to halt any invasion force. If we're to send our navy and amphibious forces in, we'll need to take care of the EMP Control Stations and Hammer Defenses that protect the coast; Morales will be at your command to take care of those. After the defenses are taken down, the landing zone must be secured before we can send in your MCV. All of this will be done under a purple coat of paint - a simple, but effective way to trick the Chinese into believing that this attack is being orchestrated by Yuri. However, to make this more believable, Morales will have to leave the area before the main attack begins and the Chinese army notices him.

Objective 1: Destroy the Nuclear Reactors and EMP Stations.
Objective 2: Take Morales to the evacuation point.
Objective 3: Destroy the Hammer Defenses and Dragonflies.
Objective 4: Capture the Chinese Military HQ.
Objective 5: Keep Morales alive.


Clearing the way

Before the siege, Soviet high command notes that outright assault will fail as the only shoreline suitable for landing zone was heavily defended by Hammer Defenses and Dragonflies. Furthermore, the task force including MCVs and armored units was to be loaded inside Zubr Transports. With the presence of Dragonflies, this will greatly jeopardize the whole operation. Not to mention several EMP Control Stations. As a result, Morales was called to blackout the power facilities that powered the EMP Control Stations scattered across Shanghai and destroy the stations themselves. Once done, Morales left the vicinity and the Russian navy began clearing the coastal defenses.

Establishing a beachhead

With the EMP Control Stations gone, fleets containing Zubr Transports of both Confederation and Russia arrived and the whole operation began. While the Confederation forces provided distraction on the ground, a Russian naval elite strike team arrived with the new Akula Missile Submarines to clear any defense on the ground.

Shanghai was soon littered with scrap metal from whatever remained of both sides. With a limited invasion force size and suffering heavy casualties, the Confederation force still managed to establish a base in order to continue their distraction.

As the battle raged on, the naval task force teared through the Chinese vessels to their destination. With their reactors destroyed, the Hammer Defenses had already been silenced. And the Dragonflies were shot down by Seawolves. Gordost ballistic missiles finished off whatever remained on the shore to clear the way for the landing. With his ground forces landed on the beach, the General ordered a scout party to move forward. Not long after, he spotted several Demolition Trucks and patrols ahead of the landing site. All of them were taken care of in a short skirmish. Now, the Russians were able to arrange a second attack wave against the Chinese right flank while the Confederation kept them busy in the front, or they hope so.

The Chinese commander, realizing how much havoc the second invasion force can cause, called for reinforcement. Columns of mighty armored units began to pour into the city and towards the Russian troops. Cargo Planes filled with paratroopers, escorted by Foxtrots soared through the sky. But the Russians made use of the response timing and sent their forces into the city too. Infantry squads were dispatched to garrison city buildings, tanks were moved into positions, defensive buildings were constructed, covered both ground and sky. Moreover, the arrival of an Apocalypse Tank battalion was more than a relief for the General. Everything was prepared to face the counterattack. Soon, Chinese reinforcements arrived and began an onslaught.

To the end, the surviving Chinese troops were forced to fall back and turn to the defensive. Now, with the Chinese retreated to the final base, the General can finally begin the assault on the Military HQ.

Capturing the Military HQ

The General's siege forces are finally in place: The Scud Launchers was the main force in the demolition of the defensive structures, the tank division consisting of the Tesla Cruisers and the Rhino Tanks destroyed the internal remnants of the enemy base with support from Apocalypse Tank and Repair Drones, Akula Missile Subs and Typhoon Attack Subs focused on harassment at sea. Within a short while, the defenses in front of the Chinese Military HQ were all razed, and the defenses on both sides of it were eventually insurmountable, thus becoming the stuff of the Russian and Confederation forces.


With the Military HQ, we were able to reveal the secrets of the Chinese military. Their main scientist, Yunru, has been working on weapons to create a unique Chinese arsenal and break away from the shared Soviet tech for a long time. We now know where she is.
- Battlefield report

Intel from the captured Military HQ reveals that Yunru had been commissioned to develop weapons and equipment for an army with their own arsenal separate from the standardized Soviet arsenal, and had located her in Kashmir. The General subsequently deployed the Confederation forces to claim the last of China's advanced technologies.

Difficulty changes

  • Starting credits: 50000 on Easy, 35000 on Normal, 30000 on Mental.
  • The starting crates for Morales have different content depending on the difficulty. On Easy, 2 veterancy crates are provided (meaning Morales will be in Elite status immediately), and 1 veterancy crate and 1 armor crate on Normal. On Mental, however, no crates will be provided at all.


The first phase of the mission is micro-intensive, as the player will only control Morales. Caution is advised, as the Chinese forces greatly outnumber Morales, and the fog of war and the surrounding buildings can shroud anti-infantry units. In addition, Nuwa Cannons would pass through roads; Morales should avoid them. Fortunately, Morales will only face mostly Chinese infantry and basic Chinese vehicles, and can dispatch them with ease, as long as he maintains his distance (Morales' sniper rifle can penetrate and kill multiple infantry in a line). Lastly, Morales should not destroy any ungarrisoned buildings nor props, as Morales will be detected and thus, failing the mission. After destroying all the EMP Control Stations and Nuclear Reactors, Morales should be evacuated in a Borillo transport to the south.

The second phase also involves micromanagement, as the player will now control a navy fleet consisting of Typhoon and Akula submarines, Seawolves and Repair Drones. As with any micromanagement mission, casualties should be kept to a minimum (tip: if a unit is at low health, order it to retreat while the Repair Drones restore its health). The Akula submarines and Seawolves are important as they are needed to complete the second objective.

The final phase permits base building (after clearing out the coast of some Chinese garrisoned buildings and conveniently placed Demolition Trucks). As Chinese reinforcements (which will consist of paradrops and a large column of Chinese vehicles) are heading on their way as soon as the MCV is deployed, the player is expected to be on the defensive. Construction of Battle Bunkers and garrison of nearby buildings will help greatly. Once the Chinese assault is taken care of, the player can now proceed to counterattack. The Military HQ is heavily defended, so building Scud Launchers is a must if the Chinese base should be breached without much casualties from Hammer Defenses and Tesla Coils. Finally, the Military HQ itself is invulnerable, so the player should not worry about destroying it accidentally.



  • Pearl Tower in this mission is capturable, which will remove all shroud on the battlefield.
  • On the top-left corner of the map, there're 2 civilians being guarded by Chinese army. According to the developers, they are supposed to be Yunru's parents.
    • In 3.3.3, Yunru herself will also be there. She will leave the map through Stallion Transport if player spots her.