Predator Instinct is a two-player standard multiplayer map.


Predator Instinct is a large tropical map divided by rivers that are crossed with many destructible bridges.

The map is diagonally symmetric with each player starting in an opposite corner of the map, bottom left or top right, on a small concrete area that is part of a large triangular "island" segment separated from the other landmasses by a river. Some distance away are a pair of large ore patches with ore drills and an Oil Derrick. Clockwise to the N/S is another "island" segment, small and forested, approachable via a destroyable bridge. On this segment is a small walled compound with another Oil Derrick and a pair of HMG Towers. A second destroyable bridge leads from this segment to the central segment. The central segment is also accessible from the other end of the starting "island" via another destroyable bridge.

The central segment of the map contains Tech Expansion Posts at the far ends, then further inward a pair of medium ore patches with ore drills separated by trees, then a small patch of gems. In between the gem patches, in the centre of the map, is a Tech Airfield surrounded by two HMG Towers, two SAM Sites, and some sandbags.

All of the land segments are bordered by thick tropical forest.

Tech buildings


Due to the distance from the starting spot to the ore patches, it's desirable to build a Power structure before a Refinery in order to creep closer.

Appropriate to the theme, this is a fantastic map for a guerilla fighter. Land armies can only pass from one segment to the next via the bridges, which are easily destroyed under concentrated fire; making use of this can severely hamper an opponent's ability to pursue, or delay them enough to secure an Expansion Post. The map's size also helps in this regard. Getting access to more jet space and paradrops from the Airfield can make a significant difference when reactive play is tough - although playing as a subfaction with native drop powers might be even better.

Another neat aspect of the map is the sheer number of trees. Most vehicles are too big to fit in the heavily forested borders and it may not occur to every player to scout those areas, allowing a canny player to sneak spies or other dangerous infantry closer than they'd normally be able to get on open ground. Of course this is a double threat if those units also happen to be amphibious...