One of Yuri's many contributions to the Soviet cause, the Psychic Beacon was initially used to control Allied forces in America. The device was successful and it was utilized extensively throughout the Third World War until Yuri's defection from the Soviets.

Needless to say, the Psychic Beacon is an incredibly dangerous weapon that can mind control all nearby humans given enough time.


In King of the Hill, this structure is completely invulnerable, but it can be captured by a single engineer and takes 20 in-game minutes to activate. Unless captured by the opposition in this time, the Beacon will mind control all enemy units (including ones normally immune to mind control), ending the game in a victory for the owner. The structure also allows the owner's infantry and vehicles to auto-heal, just like a Tech Hospital and Tech Machine Shop.


Third World War

  • The first Psychic Beacon is seen in Bad Apple, and is used by the Soviets to control the city of New York. It must be captured and powered up by the player. Once reactivated, it'll briefly put all Soviet forces in the city under Allied control before it self-destructs.
  • In Peace Treaty, the objective is to clear the Busch Stadium in the city of St. Louis and build a Psychic Beacon there for a cost of $5000. It must then be protected by the player until activation.
  • In Beautiful Mind, the first objective is to use Destroyers and Aircraft Carriers to destroy a Psychic Beacon on the shore in order to free a nearby American outpost from mind control.
  • In Warranty Void, the Psychic Beacon controlling the ROC Rebels in Tibet must be cut off from power by the player's PsiCorps, causing the rebels to break off from mind control and join forces with PsiCorps. It must afterwards be captured by the player to mind control the nearby Chinese forces.
  • In The Lunatic, the very same Psychic Beacon must be destroyed by an remote-controlled Kirov Airship. The Kirov will fly in a straight line towards the Beacon and must be protected by Volkov and Chitzkoi from brainwashed Chinese forces before it can reach the Beacon and detonate.

Mental Omega War

  • In The Conqueror, after Alexander Romanov is killed, Yuri himself will appear and establish a Psychic Beacon on the grounds of the Kremlin.
  • In The Raven, there's a damaged Psychic Beacon near the White House which does not serve any gameplay purpose.
  • In Awake and Alive, a Psychic Beacon can be seen on the ruins of the destroyed Pentagon. It cannot be destroyed by the player.
  • At the beginning of Puppet Master, the Psychic Beacon controlling an European base is captured by an Allied Engineer, freeing the Europeans from mind control. There's another Psychic Beacon within the Russian base nearby, which will shortly afterwards be destroyed by a sneaky Akula Missile Sub, temporarily freeing the Russians until they succumb to the Psychic Amplifier in Vatican City (unless if it has already been previously destroyed). If the player's Psychic Beacon is destroyed, a 30-minute timer will start ticking; if it runs out when the Amplifier is still standing, the Allies will be mind controlled by the Amplifier, but to compensate, the player will receive six money crates and four Spies.
  • At the start of Obstinate, PsiCorps establishes a Psychic Beacon in the city of Cannes, taking control of the local Allied garrison including two KI Scientists. Shortly afterwards, Tanya will be teleported inside a Stryker IFV next to another Beacon and destroys it, freeing the Allied outpost controlled by it. The first objective of the mission is to destroy the other Beacon so the KI Scientists could be freed as well.
  • In Ghost Hunt, a Scorpion Cell Psychic Beacon has seemingly taken control of the Americans formerly stationed in the abandoned outpost in the area. However, it's nothing more than a trap: the 'Americans' are actually Scorpion Cell fighters who commandeered Allied vehicles and equipment.
  • In Mind Over Matter, a Psychic Beacon in the possession of PsiCorps must be defended from an attack from the Latin Confederation and their American slaves in order to resist the effect of a Psychic Amplifier the Confederation managed to capture recently.
  • In Monochrome, the Americans have captured a Psychic Beacon and are using it to mind control nearby Epsilon forces. The players must destroy the Beacon to free a local outpost housing a Psychic Dominator prototype.
  • In Noise Severe, after the Chinese POWs are returned, a PsiCorps Psychic Beacon will be revealed to the player. It must be destroyed within 30 minutes, before it can take control of the player's Russian forces.
  • The second objective of Hysteria is to destroy a Psychic Beacon controlling the Chinese forces and local civilians. The freed Chinese will be hostile to both Epsilon and the player's European forces, while the civilians will fall under the player's control (although Epsilon will not fire upon them yet) to be used in conjunction with Epsilon Bio Reactors to recharge the Paradox Engine's battery.
  • In Lizard Brain, the player starts in control of a Psychic Beacon enslaving American forces. If it's destroyed, the freed Americans will join the attacking Europeans.
  • In Stormbringer, the enemy Russians are mind-controlled by a Psychic Beacon which will be dismantled by Yuri in person when the Russian base is destroyed, causing the disoriented Russians to charge at the Allies to their deaths.
  • In Relentless, the Pacific Front outpost is controlled by a Psychic Beacon which will be dismantled by Epsilon once the player's Europeans reach the outpost. Another Beacon, located to the south, is controlling the nearby Allied Naval Shipyard and units, which will be freed upon its destruction.
  • A few minutes after Kill the Messenger begins, PsiCorps will build a Psychic Beacon in the bottom right corner, enslaving the Chinese forces previously fighting both them and the Foehn Revolt. Foehn intel recommends against destroying it, for if the player does, the freed Chinese will call for reinforcements which consists of a large number of elite rank Qilin Tanks, Nuwa Cannons, Sentinels, Dragonflies and Kirov Airships that will engage the player's initial base.
  • In Tainted Empire, Epsilon is controlling three Pacific Front outposts with Psychic Beacons. Destroying each Beacon will cause the corresponding outpost to fall under the player's control, except the Gatling Cannons and Cloning Vats, which are sold off. Once all Beacons are destroyed, the player will receive additional Future Tank X-0 and Hailstorm reinforcements.


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