The Psychic Sensor is the predecessor of the Mind Reader, used by the Soviet Union during the Act 1 campaign before the betrayal of Yuri and the PsiCorps. It serves as an early warning measure against hidden enemies, detect enemy movement and expose them to attacks.


The Psychic Sensor is capable of warning the commander of enemy movement around it.

Some time before the betrayal of Yuri, the Soviets lost access to the Psychic Sensor alongside other PsiCorps-related tech. They probably created the Sensor Tower to fill the Psychic Sensor's role, though the former cannot detect enemy movement like the latter can.

During the interwar period, Yuri improved on the Psychic Sensor, resulting in the Mind Reader, which can perform the same function for a reduced price, power consumption and size.


  • The Psychic Sensor shares the same model with the Epsilon Radar Spire, bearing some difference on colour scheme and cosmetic appearance. The Epsilon counterpart functions as a radar and the sensor's role is given to the Mind Reader.

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