Victory is ours!
- A Pterandon marching to battle
The Pteranodon is an aircraft used by the Wings of Coronia, often classified as a "flying tank".


Forgoing conventional ground based heavy tanks, the Pteranodon is, unsurprisingly, the Wings of Coronia’s ‘heavy tank’ option – in this case, an assault gunship. Its primary role is to provide anti-armor support to Coronian forces, either against armored units directly threatening Coronia itself, or in sorties launched from Coronia against targeted enemy positions in the base’s current vicinity. Armed with two large pressurizer batteries, mounted on each side of this massive aircraft, the Pteranodon easily turns the hardiest of targets into smoking debris in no time. Compared to its equivalent heavy tanks in the other factions, Pteranodons lacks the effectiveness to take on infantry and structures. Moreover, Pteranodons are defenceless in the face of aerial anti-air units.


The Coronian Pteranodon emphasizes the doctrine and focus of aerial superiority for the Wings of Coronia. While Haihead prefers to field rapid shock-and-destroy tactics with their swift and destructive Megalodons and Last Bastion prefers impenetrable defensive tactics with their gargantuan Mastodons, the air warfare specialists of the Foehn Revolt choose this formidable tank destroyer to claim the skies as their own while reducing massed vehicles of any class into scrap with a single strafing run.

The major advantage that Pteranodons have over other Tier 3 vehicles of its class is that almost none of its counterparts (except for a select few) can retaliate against an offensive by Coronia's variant, since the Pteranodon is an airborne unit and most Tier 3 tanks lack the ability to fire back at air units. Pteranodons are quite durable for an aircraft, can fire on the move, and their Pressurizer Batteries deal area-of-effect damage. This fittingly makes the heavy gunship a very reliable response unit against any kind of armored offensives, even if they have anti-air weapons at their disposal. While massed anti-aircraft fire will down these airborne fortresses, even lone Tier 3 anti-air vehicles are at risk of losing to a Pteranodon since the majority of them lack armor anyways.

An effective way to utilize Pteranodons is to deploy them in squadrons of five or more. This will allow the gunships to effectively strafe and neutralize armored columns before they can pose a threat to Coronian forces. Since they are modestly fast for such a large aircraft, they are also decent for responding to hit-and-run attacks.

Pteranodons are no slouches against naval forces either, being able to sweep through them with ease just as they can against ground-based vehicles. Even though they cannot fire on submerged units by default, they can force-fire into waters suspected to be harboring unseen threats (such as Typhoon Attack Subs) and the ensuing damage will force them to surface. Their Pressurizer Batteries deal splash damage over a significant radius, so gives them an impromptu role as a submarine hunter. This same strategy can also be used against Epsilon HQ's Shadow Tanks.

While its anti-vehicle potential is undisputed, the Pteranodon is an overspecialized unit at heart - it is effective against vehicles, but only against them. It does little to no visible damage against structures, so it should avoid stationary anti-aircraft defenses at all costs and attacking buildings will only cause a nuisance at best for their enemies. Their weapons are also mediocre against infantry, barely dealing any visible injuries to them even if multiple Pteranodons are attacking them. This means that even lowly anti-air infantry such as Flak Troopers can be a significant threat. They also have no means to respond to approaching enemy aircraft, so Pteranodons are easy prey for units like Wolfhounds. Though these flying tanks have substantial armor that can allow them to shoulder more anti-aircraft fire than any Coronian air unit (short of the Harbinger) they will be destroyed in no time if used carelessly. Pteranodons do not come cheap either, with a hefty price tag of $2000.

To cover these weaknesses and to fulfill their role as an airborne tank destroyer properly, they should never fly into a heated skirmish without support. Buzzards and Alanqa Skystations accompanying them will provide the squadron with a formidable presence that symbolizes what the Wings of Coronia excel at. If a base assault is a part of the battle plan, Quetzals and Tarchia Cannons should be considered as options.


  • Effective against groups of armored vehicles.
  • Deals splash damage in a medium target area.
  • Very durable.
  • Heavily armored.
  • Mobile and can fire on the move.
  • Useful for hit-and-run tactics.
  • Decent range.
  • Can self-repair.

  • Very expensive.
  • Cannot target air units.
  • Mediocre against structures and infantry.
  • Weak against anti-aircraft defensive structures.
  • Pressurizer Batteries can cause friendly fire given their area-of-effect nature.


The Pteranodon is voiced by George "Seòras" Exley.

When selected

  • Weapon of the chosen!
  • Pteranodon.
  • The oppressed shall hear our voice.
  • Coronian pride!
  • Strength from the dawn of time.
  • Aye! We will win!
  • Wings of steel!

When ordered to move

  • Full throttle!
  • Pterandon in flight.
  • Darken the skies!
  • On course.
  • A storm approaches.
  • With the wind at our backs!

When ordered to attack

  • Only the righteous remain!
  • They'll never see us coming!
  • For the good of all that's right!
  • Justice be served!
  • You will carry that weight!
  • Victory is ours!

When shot down

  • For Coroniaaaa...!
  • Our wings is clipped!
  • Ignorance has won!



  • Pteranodon is a genus of pterosaurs that lived during late Cretaceous era in North America (specifically what was now United States). Some of its members are the largest known flying reptiles, having a wingspan of over 6 meters.

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