The Rage Inductor is an Epsilon superweapon, used to infuse the Terminus drug which significantly increases the combat effectiveness of anyone exposed to it.

Official description

The Rage Inductor is a curious but dangerous device. The weapon utilizes a powerful mixture of aerosol steroids, bio-augmentative chemicals and hormones known as Terminus. Terminus has been developed in several different strains and is used by the Epsilon Army for offensive purposes.

The Rage Inductor utilizes a heavily modified strain to enhance the effectiveness of Epsilon units. With a proper and optimal usage of the drug, it results in increased situational awareness, performance and reflexes. Additionally, a portion of the chemicals is used to strongly enhance the regenerative abilities of the Epsilon infantry. Upon discovering this effect, the Allies and Soviets were quick to implement reverse-engineered filters in order to take advantage of the Rage Inductor on their own units and infantry should they come into possession of one.[1]


Once fully charged, the Rage Inductor can infuse units with a dose of Terminus, a strain of combat drugs that utilizes an unorthodox, but effective mixture of steroids, augmentative biochemicals and hormones which can significantly improve one's perception and physical performance if used in proper and optimal dosage, resulting in anyone that gets exposed to the drug, even inside vehicles, to have their firepower increased by 50% for 60 seconds.

The Terminus also has another benefit – a portion of chemicals mixed on it is known for being able to significantly improve natural regeneration rate, allowing any infantry that are under the drug's effect to be able to rapidly heal themselves. Robots are immune to Rage.


The Rage Inductor replaces the imbalanced Genetic Mutator from the original Yuri's Revenge. Instead of mutating platoons of soldiers into Brutes instantly, the Rage Inductor utilizes the Terminus drug to enhance the firepower of Epsilon units anywhere on the battlefield, so it should be preferably used before a clash begins. This support superweapon is also able to turn the tide against any opposing force of the Epsilon, from small skirmishes to large scale battles. This is essential for the case of Epsilon infantry and vehicles as it could mean the difference between victory and defeat due to their low resilience. Most of the Epsilon navy is also eligible for Rage, as it makes their sudden strikes from the depths more lethal.

The Rage Inductor also supplements the infantry-oriented doctrine of the Epsilon as the superweapon greatly increases the regeneration rate of the affected infantry, that is able to match the nanites healing rate of the Foehn. This enables them to endure far more damage than normal while retaining the increased offensive power, as long as said damage does not exceed their total hit points. All Epsilon heroes can be affected by Rage, which is a terrifying sight for enemies to behold.

Not every unit type can benefit from the effects of Rage. Robots in particular are immune to its drug effects. In addition certain units like Mastermind and Charon Tank are not affected by firepower modifiers and will not benefit from any firepower enhancement.

As with all superweapons, it has a number of weaknesses that a proselyte should consider. Its countdown and activation can be seen by all players. It is also susceptible to sabotage from spies (whether the Rage Inductor itself or the Epsilon base's power grid). Lastly, the Rage Inductor's expensive cost and power requirement meant that the proselyte should have enough funds and power to construct and maintain it.



Behind the scenes

  • In 3.0 Rage also increases the armor and speed of the affected units but will instantly kill infantry, thus it only affects vehicles.


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