The Railgun Tower is Foehn's advanced anti-ground defense structure.


The Railgun Tower is the Foehn Revolt's advanced defense, which becomes available once the Cloud Piercer has been built. With a smaller but still powerful version of the Mastodon's plasma railgun, it is capable of dealing plenty of damage to enemy vehicles and can affect several of them at once in a small area. Compared to other advanced defenses, it is weaker against infantry, which is why you should combine varying elements in your defensive constructions.


The Railgun Tower is the Foehn's midgame answer to enemy armor divisions. Like the Inferno Tower, its attack can deal splash damage making them effective against small groups. Under normal circumstances, its damage output is higher against vehicles than its counterparts. In fact, it's powerful enough to destroy most light vehicles and badly damage tanks in one shot.

However, like most defenses, it is vulnerable to long range and siege units. While having splash damage, they are ineffective against large numbers that would overwhelm in in short time. Unlike their counterpart, they are mediocre against infantry. They also cannot attack air units.



  • In 3.0 the Railgun Tower belonged to Epsilon, which uses the Psychic Tower's model and has a different visual and audio effect, but are otherwise the same. The Railgun Tower was moved to Foehn in version 3.3 with the Inferno Tower added to replace it in Epsilon's arsenal; the Psychic Tower was brought back as well for the PsiCorps.

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