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By taking out the Allied forces in Copenhagen, the Soviets intend to weaken their navy on the Baltic. With many parts of the city already under control, they plan a final strike.
- Mission description

Ravages of War is the fifth Soviet cooperative mission.


After completing the aggression against Amsterdam, the Soviets immediately pointed their finger at Copenhagen, Denmark, where the defense seemed no worse than Amsterdam. As other important cities along the Baltic coast have been won, Copenhagen has become the last stop of the Soviet operation in the Baltic Sea. As long as the city is won, the Soviets will be able to connect the North Sea with the local Leningrad and greatly strengthen the strength of the Navy.


Initial assault

Conquer the city


The entire Baltic Sea eventually fell into the hands of the Soviets. Their navy was able to stay clear of this and the difficulty of supporting operations in the North Sea also eased.