While the French and German armies gather at the Polish border to prepare for a full-on Soviet invasion, the now resurrected Russian super soldier Volkov and his cybernetic dog Chitzkoi are sent on a covert mission to wreak havoc in Paris.
- Mission description

Operation: Recharger is the sixth mission of Act One Soviet campaign. The two cyborg heroes of Russia - Volkov and Chitzkoi - are brought into battle once more after their recent resurrection and are sent to Paris to take down the unsuspecting French HQ of the Euro Alliance while their forces rally on the German-Polish border.


Comrade, you should really pay attention to your personal NKVD, and the politics going on in the Kremlin. Ever since the razing of Chicago, the Premier has been in an uproar over the decision - it seems that he was not consulted ahead of time, despite, what's even more disturbing, the High Command's assurances that our Premier Romanov was the one who authorized the strike. This is not good - while yes, the Americans are crumbling, and you have a vast American legion under your control in St. Louis, they can't strike out very far due to the range of the lone Psychic Beacon. It's only a matter of time before someone destroys it - we are already dealing with an insurgency there, meaning some people might be naturally less submissive to mind control. Already, others are jockeying for power in the Soviet America. A lot is still uncertain - the Pacific Front's exact contribution to this war, the Confederation's ability to combat a continent-wide insurgency, and worst of all, whether we will succeed in breaching Europe. Already, the Europeans are rallying at the German-Polish border. And there is still the matter with the Chinese ignoring our calls to action.. Worse, some in High Command are still suspecting you of the theft of the Stalin's Fist, along with other unsettling incidents as of late. Background checks and purges are being instituted again. While your NKVD and others are trying desperately to convince Premier Romanov that you are loyal, for now you have been locked out of the Weapons Protocol - you will have no access to MCVs, or even the facilities. Balancing this though, you have been selected for a secret mission - we must show that we can strike at Europe, anywhere.

Objective 1: Get Volkov near the Eiffel Tower to overcharge it.
Objective 2 & 3: Destroy Euro Alliance forces in Paris & keep Volkov alive.


Tower of Doom

Volkov and Chitzkoi, a man and a dog, had just arrived at Champ-de-Mars and had fired weapons on the defenders there, and frightened them. Only a few minutes later, the Allied forces that underestimated their strength were eliminated. Then, Volkov went straight to the Eiffel Tower and turned it into a giant Tesla Coil. In the area of the Eiffel Tower there was an small Allied outpost and it was immediately destroyed by the rapidly-fired Electric Bolt. The French commander planned to deploy some infantry around the tower, but they were quickly annihilated after they were paradropped.

Clearing Paris

However, the happy time was always short. Eiffel Tower was destroyed by some sort of laser strike just after it destroyed the outpost. This forced the General to eliminate to the Euro Alliance troops here by standard method. As they marched north, the enemy tried to stop Chitzkoi's pace by building some Pillboxes, but it did not stumble Volkov. They quickly cleared the area. At the same time, Archon AMCs carrying Navy SEALs came to their place and caused them to suffer minor injuries.

Since the general had been investigating the battlefield with Spy Plane, he could easily obtain a lot of information about the deployment of the enemy, and then the duo destroyed another enemy outpost. Although dealing with a large number of Navy SEALs and Siege Cadres was a bit tricky, the duo quickly advanced to the Arc de Triomphe, then quickly advanced to the Allied main base. As the Allied forces deploy lots of barrels all over the place, it was always not difficult to eliminate them.

The main base soon collapsed, and the two began their final destination in the central area. Although there were many Grand Cannons, there were still more barrels. After the outpost was quickly destroyed by explosion triggered by the oil drums, all the troops in the city went desperately to kill Volkov, but this was in vain.


The Europeans are terrified at your merciless attack on Paris. With Volkov resurrected and better than ever, the Allies now know that the ideology of Stalin will never die!
- Battlefield report

With the destruction of Paris and the Alliance forces present, the Europeans' morale was crippled. Soon enough, the Soviets would invade Europe en-masse and take the entire continent under their control. The general's assistant observed that with Volkov's return, the Allies will learn that while they can kill Stalin in the previous war, they will never be able to kill his ideals.

While this was happening, the General was recalled to investigate Devon Island in Canada. Here, he would find something that would fully enrage the Americans.



  • This mission is a remake of City of Lights, the fifth Soviet mission in Red Alert 2.
  • A Borillo was provided to the player in version 3.0 after the Eiffel Tower was destroyed. It was removed by version 3.3, presumably because it made the mission too easy at times (such as responding to the large detachments of Navy SEALs that the Euro Alliance would continuously send at Volkov).