Rumours are the Chinese are working on a war machine that can challenge Yuri's might. Certain parts of its engine are said to be developed at old KI labs. Yuri wants them destroyed.
- Mission description

Research Stroke is the tenth Epsilon cooperative campaign mission.


Given the temporary security of the headquarters in Antarctica, Epsilon HQ tried to put some of its power into the Asian battlefield to support PsiCorps. After the end of the battle in Leyte Gulf, they found a chance to penetrate the South China Sea, landed in Guangzhou, and discovered what China was studying there. Two proselyte also heard a rumor that what they were studying here at the old Kanegawa Industries would pose a great threat to Yuri.


Destroy the Research Facility

The two proselytes took actions immediately after acquiring the location of the enemy bases, and using their bases that had already been built in the city. The initial defenses were tricky because they could only build standard units. It was also a difficult problem that Chinese constantly used Wallbuster and Nuwa Cannons to harass. Even worse, only 30 minutes from the completion of the study. To this end, the two proselytes thought of a clever idea: to build several Aerodomes and a large number of Dybbuk-Attackers, focused on those labs. In the end, the idea of this set fire attack was successfully realized.

If not, then again

Things were far from simple. Although the two Kanegawa laboratories were destroyed, the other researchers transferred their development activities to the Atomheart, but the time was no longer urgent. At the same time, the two proselytes also received the building authorization for the tier 3 forces. After several rounds of defense, the hordes of Dybbuk-Attackers destroyed the Atomhearts under the cover of advanced troops.

What's that?

MO3 Coop Research Stroke Driller

The strange Driller and its three passengers

At this moment, the most unexpected thing was that a strange thing happened. One of proselytes, suddenly discovered that a house on the high ground was immediately destroyed and two Technicians and an officer appeared, along with a Driller. It seemed that they were doing something like transaction. Before long, all three took Driller and left.


The progress made in this Guangzhou operation was yet nothing but a delay in the research process of that type of weapon. However, that unexpected discovery had caused some people in the Epsilon Army to focus on one person: the mechanic who is very good at using Driller, the leader of Scorpion Cell, Rashidi. Is there any secret connection between him and China? It was not known how long that Libra sensibly understood this speculation when she was pursuing Yunru, China’s top scientist in Kashmir — it was true.