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The Americans are retaliating after the attack on an embassy in Egypt. Yuri wants to show Rashidi that they knowingly took the risk and are prepared to face the consequences.
- Mission description

Retaliation is the second Epsilon cooperative campaign mission. After the destruction of the Allied Embassy in Egypt, Scorpion Cell must defend itself from their counterattack. Chronologically, this mission is where Stingers and Gatling Tanks are first mass produced.


United States forces were executing a counter attack on the rebel forces after their embassy in Egypt was destroyed. Rashidi was on the run and he had a prototype of a new Construction Yard with him. Before The Allied forces reach him, they must be stopped.

Rashidi had already successfuly copied the Stalin's Fist. Thus, two proselytes could use them to prepare a preventive taskforce which would eliminate the American pursuers.



The Scorpion Cell blocked the American's interception, which allowed Rashidi to transfer his Construction Yard Prototype to a more secretive place until the Americans again discovered the building.