Colonel Reznov (Резнов) is a Soviet officer and a close comrade of the Soviet General during his times in the S.S.A.


Reznov, alongside Morales, is the only other sniper that the Soviet Union has access to. Unlike the Latin Confederation's hero unit, this Soviet officer is much more limited - he can only target infantry units and has no offensive capabilities against armored responses. Nevertheless, he is still a powerful counter against infantry units, capable of killing most foot soldiers with a single shot at incredible distances.

Should the opportunity arises, Reznov can also level entire structures with C4 charges. Though he is a relatively hardy unit that can endure modest levels of punishment, he should avoid threats that pose a danger to infantry units (especially anti-infantry vehicles) at all times.

Because he cannot deal with enemy vehicles, he should be accompanied with Krukov and/or the appropriate anti-armor units.


  • Reznov and Krukov appear in Awake and Alive. At the beginning of the mission, they lead a small squad to free the Soviet General from Yuri's clutches. In the first part of the mission, Krukov and Reznov, controlled by the AI, lead the General to the Airbase with the Kirov Airship; once the General boards the Kirov, they'll fall under the control of the player. Both colonels must survive the mission.
  • Reznov and Krukov appear in Intoxicated to solve some trouble in Spain. He has to survive throughout the mission.
  • In Cyberanatomy, Reznov and Krukov must free an Engineer and a Saboteur from the Chinese, lead them to their destination so they can infiltrate the Chinese database, then evacuate the area in a Kamaz before the Chinese could capture them. Both must survive the mission.
  • Reznov and Krukov appear in Heartwork to investigate the Chinese cybernetic research. He can die without compromising the mission.
  • Reznov and Krukov are part of the enemy forces in the Revolution Challenge. Every few minutes they'll paradrop near the entrance to the enemy fortress and attack the challengers' bases until the enemy Russian base is destroyed.


He is voiced by Kii "ComradeCrimson" McKenzie.

When selected

  • Товарищ?
  • Reznov reporting.
  • Show me the target.
  • Always ready.
  • Yes, Comrade General?
  • Hundreds will die.

When ordered to move

  • Давай, давай!
  • Follow the trail.
  • See you there.
  • Continuing the hunt.
  • On my way.

When ordered to attack

  • You don't have to tell me twice.
  • Such a useless life.
  • Da... another kill.
  • Is this it?
  • Time to kill.
  • Leave that one to me.

When under fire

  • Get me out of here!
  • Reznov under fire!
  • I am under attack, comrade!


  • Reznov's role being highly limited as a long-ranged anti-personnel and anti-structure infantry unit is a throwback to Tiberian Dawn's iconic Commando.

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