We will bury them!
- A Rhino Tank driver on the offensive
The Rhino Heavy Tank is the main battle tank of Russia.


During the Second Great War, the Soviet twin-barreled heavy tanks were the workhorse of the Soviet's armor battalions, vastly overpowering the meager light and medium tanks the Allies had. Although they were powerful and heavily armored, they proved too costly to mass produce. This led to the development of the relatively cheaper and quicker main battle tank, the Rhino Heavy Tank.

Although the Rhino packs less firepower and armor than its predecessor, it is still powerful enough to take on any main battle tank one-on-one. Its relatively higher speed, lower production costs, and ability to be airdropped via the Tank Drop support power, make the Rhino a viable threat to any commander when amassed.


The Rhino Tank symbolizes Russia's approach to vehicular warfare - the utilization of combined heavy firepower, moderate armor, and respectable speed to quash any kind of armor opposition that opposes them. It is regarded as one of the best units of its class, being able to take on any of its Allied and Epsilon counterparts in a head-on clash. However, the Foehn Revolt's engineers have given the Rhino its' match by way of the Last Bastion's Bison Tank.

Rhino Tanks are able to be repaired faster by repair units, such as the Repair Drone, meaning that pairing these vehicles with field repairs is highly encouraged. By doing so, Rhino Tanks are able to outlast their counterparts more effectively.

As usual, the Rhino Tank should avoid encounters with infantry units that specialize in anti-tank capabilities. It is also helpless against air attacks.


  • The Rhino Tank first appears among the enemy Allied forces in Archetype, as a stand-in for the WW2 Soviet Heavy Tanks captured by the Allies. They are planned to be replaced by authentic Heavy Tanks in a future version.[1]
  • In Accelerant, the player's allied Soviet forces consist almost fully of Rhino Tanks and little else. The mission briefing lampshades the infamous nature of the vehicle by mentioning the commander in charge of the Soviet attack as an amateur that relies only on Rhino Tanks.


  • Effective against armored vehicles.
  • Can crush infantry and fire on the move.
  • Good armor and firepower.
  • Superior to Allied and Epsilon basic tanks.
  • Takes twice as fast to be repaired by other units.

  • Cannon not as effective against infantry.
  • Vulnerable against aerial and anti-armor threats.
  • Fairly slow.


The Rhino Tank uses the voiceset of the same unit in Red Alert 2.

When selected

  • Vehicle reporting
  • Ready comrade
  • Awaiting orders

When ordered to move

  • Location confirmed
  • Moving
  • Changing position

When ordered to attack

  • Target sighted
  • Encountering enemy
  • We will bury them!
  • Attacking!

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