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Risen Inferno is a support power for Epsilon available from their Pandora Hub that deploys an Inferno Tower anywhere on the battlefield. Unlike regular Inferno Towers, this "risen" one has a limited lifespan and will self-destruct after a period of time, during which it can repair nearby friendly vehicles, allowing it to provide support for friendly armor divisions to some degree.

After fully "risen", the Inferno Tower can fire a maximum of 9 shots in a maximum of 64 seconds. There is no way to prolong the Tower's lifespan, as it cannot be repaired at all, even by Engineers. It is also unaffected by Force Shield or Invulnerability.

AI behavior

  • Unused by the AI.


Act Two

  • The Risen Inferno is first usable in the campaign in Divergence.


  • In The Cardinal, Risen Inferno can be activated without the need of a Pandora Hub, as the players don't have access to bases.