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The Soviets have managed to salvage two Topol-M platforms from Gelendzhik and are preparing to deploy them. The Allies are using their still unstable Chronosphere device in a desperate attack to prevent the ICBMs from launching.
- Mission description

Operation: Road to Nowhere is the ninth mission in the Act One Soviet campaign. The last two MIDAS nuclear missiles, which were concealed from the eyes of the Allies by Yuri and survived the destruction of the rest, become the target of a desperate Allied army, chronoshifted from Germany to Kemerovo Oblast, in western Siberia, Russia.


Comrade, you're being borrowed back to the European theater. No doubt you've heard the European war has gone less well than planned, and while we have made significant gains, it's stalled down. Most of Germany is ours, but the cost in lives was staggeringly high. Worse, even our two combined armies have stalled right outside the Black Forest lab of SteinsTech. Topping that, most of our MIDAS rockets were already destroyed and High Command told us nothing! Only now 'Comrade' Yuri made us aware that he has concealed two MIDAS warheads, and erased the memory of that from most people's heads to prevent an intel leak to the Allies. Yuri says he was waiting until the Mercury Network was disabled, but we only learned about it when the Eiffel Tower was struck by a beam of light. He also referred to to being wary of Allied methods to covertly attack us with the Chronosphere from the last war, and then we got news today that the Allies have activated an unstable next-gen Chronosphere they've been trying to build! High Command has requested you protect these last two warheads - they also seem eager to fire them on the SteinsTech lab in Black Forest, where Germany's Siegfried is working on the device. Allied forces are pouring through the unstable Chronosphere, and will be upon you shortly. Once this is over, it would be best if you get back to America as fast as possible. Whatever Yuri is planning, we don't want you being near it. Now, you happen to be a few miles from a large Gulag. Our NKVD has started smuggling our families to America, just in case..

Objective 1: Defend Topol-Ms from Allied chrono assault.


Initial assault

Countdown to destruction


It is done, a MIDAS has been launched, and will wipe out the Black Forest. The Europeans are now in full retreat. We are close to victory comrade General. It won't be long now.
- Battlefield report

With the desperate European assault repelled and the MIDAS ICBMs successfully launched, it was only a matter of time before the Black Forest along with the Chronosphere and the SteinsTech lab were wiped off the map. Knowing that all is now lost, the Europeans are retreating in full force, and soon enough, the Soviet Union will be able to conquer all Europe... at least that's what the Kremlin are thinking now.

The General, however, was aware that the Allies won't be defeated that easily – his predictions eventually turned out to be true. Later, the General is called for a surprising mission to destroy a Psychic Beacon that has been causing problems for China.



  • This mission is roughly similar to Chrono Defense, the seventh mission of the Soviet campaign in Red Alert 2 in mechanics, as both missions involve defending against Allied chrono assaults.