The Robot Ops Control Center is an essential structure for the Pacific Front, which grants access to more advanced technologies and certain drones that aid them in their war efforts.


The Robot Ops Control Center controls special Pacific Front drones which can be deployed on the battlefield through support powers: the Hunter-Seeker and the Zephyrobot. Additionally, the Robot Ops Control Center acts as the technology expander for the Pacific Front, enabling additional weapons and further options in the tech tree.


The construction of the Robot Ops Control Center grants the Pacific Front commander access to the following support powers:

Icon Support Power Description
Hunter-Seeker The Hunter-Seeker releases a number of its namesake kamikaze drones (equal to the amount of RobotOps Control Centers) which seek high-priority targets and purposely crash themselves onto it, causing high damage, and also releasing a cryo payload in a large radius around the target area to deal as much damage as possible to nearby enemies. Hunter-Seeker costs $800 and takes 5:30 to recharge.
Zephyrobot Zephyrobot deploys its namesake drone which allows Pacific Front Zephyrs to bombard enemies from locations far beyond their normal attack range as long as the beacon remains on the field. Zephyrobot costs $500 but takes 5:30 to recharge.

It's important to note that this building not only provides access to Tier 2 units, but provides Pacific Front specific Tier 3 units with the Tech Center, sans the Spy and Barracuda. This means that just like the Tech Center, it's imperative that PF commanders protect this building after its construction as they will lose almost all their unique units and the majority of their advanced tech, especially since this building has less overall health than its Tier three counterpart.

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Behind the scenes


  • The Robot Ops Control Center uses the modified model of Robot Control Center in Yuri's Revenge.
  • If captured by any non-Pacific Front faction, the three radar dishes on top of the Robot Ops Control Center will stop spinning (similar to being disabled). However, the structure will continue doing its role.

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