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Scorpion Cell
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Yuricon Epsilon Army

  • Numerical superiority
  • Hit-and-run
  • Chemical weapons
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Africa or the Middle East

The Scorpion Cell is a North African and Middle Eastern terrorist group opposing Allied activity in the region, later becoming affiliated with Yuri and his Epsilon Army.


The Scorpion Cell is the African and Middle-Eastern division of Epsilon, led by the charismatic Rashidi and his right hand man, Malver, Africa’s greatest assassin. Due to their history as a terrorist group, the Cell primarily relies on scavenged weapons and vehicles cleverly cobbled together from scrap. The use of inhumane weaponry such as aggressive toxins and chemicals strips both the morale and exposed flesh off both Allied and Soviet forces alike.

The poor armor, yet low production costs and high speed of their vehicles means the Scorpion Cell relies on overwhelming their enemies with sheer numbers. This makes the Cell a ruthless opponent, prepared to go under the belt when necessary.


Gameplay Edit

The Scorpion Cell is considered to be the cheapest military in the game. Most of their vehicles are cheaper than their counterparts and other factions. Thanks to their cheap cost, they can be mass produced more efficiently than the other factions and therefore could overwhelm its enemies with sheer numbers. In addition, they also tend to benefit when fighting in numbers. For example, Mantis Light Tanks can repair nearby friendly Mantis Tanks when destroyed, and numerous Plague Splatters can produce large amount of toxic clouds when they attack.

The vehicles of Scorpion Cell are also known for good speed and maneuverability. Using these attributes as an advantage, the Scorpion Cell's army is tailor built for harassment, ambush and hit-and-run tactics.

Furthermore, Scorpion Cell commanders can play tricks to the enemy by constructing a Fake Construction Yard or a Fake Psychic Dominator as decoy. They also have disguised Hijackers to steal unsuspecting enemy vehicles.

However, the Scorpion Cell has its own apparent weakness. While Scorpion Cell units are cheap, the durability and strength of these units are less appealing. Their cheap cost is arguably their main double-edge sword.





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