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Having 'borrowed' a Stalin's Fist prototype from the Russians, PsiCorps secretly meets with the leader of the terrorist group 'Scorpion Cell' in Cairo, who is willing to reverse engineer the machine in return for aid against the Allies in Africa.
- Mission description

Operation: Scrapyard is the third mission of the Epsilon Act One campaign.


With the Soviet aid, our objectives have been achieved in America, thus Yuri requests that we move onto the next phase of our plan. His intelligence network has been looking a long time for a certain man, Rashidi, of the terrorist group Scorpion Cell, currently based out of the Sahel in Africa. He leads a war of resistance, as he calls it, against American influence on the continent, and while we don't know what his endgame is, we know he can be of use to us.

He might be the most talented machinist in Africa, and given the proper resources, the world. His machines are strong for what they are, but he cannot build what he needs, due to his lack of Mobile Construction technology. We indicated to him that we could be of help to his cause - Yuri wants him to join us, and sweetened the deal with the technology he so desires. Both of us need to be capable of Mobile Construction, as Yuri also does not have clearance to the Weapons Protocol - one of the compromises required if PsiCorps was to get off the ground and get funding. Thus, Yuri 'borrowed' a Mobile War Factory prototype, a Stalin's Fist, and brought it to him. As a result of our pledge to aid his cause, Rashidi has informed us that he might join us. We thought of simply mind controlling his forces, but he seems somewhat aware of our powers, and has protected himself somehow, possibly with drugs. That, and he has assassins everywhere. Step carefully.

Objective 1: Get 10000$ from Oil Derricks for Rashidi.
Objective 2: Destroy the American Embassy.
Objective 3: Destroy Allied forces.
Objective 4: Protect Rashidi, the Stalin's Fist and the Stinger prototype.


The fundraising

Raid on the embassy


Incredible! You have brought me a most valued gift indeed. Tell your master Yuri that I am pleased with his offering and that I will uphold my end of the agreement. This will be the beginning of a beautiful partnership.
- Rashidi on the mission's success

Astonished with the Proselyte's skill in commanding his PsiCorps operatives and Scorpion Cell fighters to bring down the American embassy and clearing the city of Cairo from their presence, Rashidi praised him and remarks the stolen Stalin's Fist as the most valuable gift he ever received. He told the Proselyte to inform Yuri that he is pleased with Yuri's offering and agrees to cooperate with him. The Proselyte agrees and notes this moment as the start of a lasting, mutually beneficial partnership between the PsiCorps and the Scorpion Cell.

Returning to Russia without raising any suspicion to his Soviet overseers, the Proselyte was soon given another mission to crush the American fleet in the Caribbean Islands.