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The Seawolf is an assault and anti-air vessel used by Soviet navy.


Lacking an anti-aircraft ship in the previous war, the Soviets developed a fast sea raider known as the Seawolf, capable of quickly destroying aircraft and harassing other ships. This multi-purpose attack craft has proven to be one of the Soviets more versatile naval vessels. Its turreted quad flak cannons and high caliber shore assault gun allow the Seawolf to engage both land and air targets.




  • Can attack air units, ground units and naval units.
  • Great in providing support fire for shoreline assaults.
  • Excellent escorts for Dreadnoughts against aircraft.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Effective against infantry.


  • Not very durable.
  • Cannot attack submerged units unless they surface.
  • Vulnerable against submarines and anti-armor fire.
  • Cannon deals mediocre damage against armored targets.
  • Its anti-air weapon is not as strong as the variants used by Halftracks and Tigr APCs.


The Seawolf is voiced by Alex06.

When selected

When ordered to move

  • The wolves take the sea.
  • Engines running.
  • Steady, just steady.
  • This wolf will swim for a while.
  • Follow that human crane!

When ordered to attack with cannon

  • Load the cannon!
  • Only scrap remains.
  • Continuous fire!
  • The sea can be a dangerous place.
  • Decommissioned... you will be.

When ordered to attack with flak cannon

  • They can't evade all of my cannons.
  • It's like shooting ducks at home!
  • Munition? More than enough.
  • Start the fireworks!
  • I hope they can swim!

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