The Secret Service is a law enforcement agency in the United States. Secret Service Special Agents are bodyguards of certain individuals, most importantly, the President of the United States.


Secret Service agents wield small firearms and carry a briefcase. Functionally, they are nearly identical to the average armed civilian, being weak in both firepower and durability.

Two Secret Service agents are seen with the President of the United States during his retreat to San Antonio, where he falls victim to the Latin Confederation sniper Morales.


  • Two Secret Service agents accompany President Michael Dugan in Happy Birthday, until the President is assassinated by Morales.
  • Secret Service agents appear in some skirmish maps as civilians, where they'll fire on any nearby player-controlled units.


When selected

  • What's your clearance level?
  • I'll take the bullet.
  • Need an escort?

When ordered to move

  • Stay in perimeter!
  • Right away, sir.
  • Assignment received.
  • Securing the area.

When ordered to attack

  • He's a threat!
  • No witnesses!
  • Shoot to kill!