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The Sensor Tower is a Soviet defense that serves as an early warning measure against hidden enemies and expose them to attacks.


The Soviet Sensor Towers became a widespread structure in Soviet bases after Yuri's PsiCorps defected the cause, and a number of unexplained attacks took place. According to collected battlefield intel, it was assumed that Yuri is not only capable of creating false images in people's minds, but also collectively affects their perception of reality, and has designed an entirely new technology around it.

The Sensor Tower is capable of detecting objects which a human eye cannot see due to psionic interference of their minds. They can also detect placed charges like Crazy Ivan's bombs, and spies who have disguised as your own troops. Additionally, a spotlight on top of the tower will mark enemy objects in its vicinity, making them easier targets to Soviet defenders.



  • The Sensor Tower makes its debut in The Raven, as a buildable structure.